Wrapping It Up

Africa is a long way from home. Going there we did it all in one fell swoop which was totally exhausting. On the return we broke it up with a couple of days in Dubai.

Dubai…..what a place! If it doesn’t sparkle and shine it doesn’t fit. It has a population slightly more than Houston, but it appears to have about three times more tall buildings with more under construction. Each one outdoes its neighbors making me think Dubai must be an architect’s delight!

The most notable building is Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest, and it towers over everything else. From an engineering point of view, it is a marvel.

I got a little queasy going to the observation floor, but once there it was amazing to look out and see for miles.

It appears that biggest describes much in Dubai. The enclosed shopping mall has 1300 shops and 150 eateries. Apple has a premier location on two floors and appeared to be the busiest of all the retail spaces.

As impressive as all the new was, my favorite places in Dubai were the souqs where everything was a deal, at least according to the vendors. If there was anything you couldn’t find, I don’t know what it was. Unfortunately my duffel bag was pretty small, as required for safari, which limited purchases!

As if herbs, spices, pottery, textiles weren’t enough, there was a gold souq…really!

Never have I seen so much that glittered. There were at least fifty shops filled with diamonds, pearls, gold and everything else that makes a girl’s heart flutter. The hubby knew he was in trouble here, so he found a bench and settled in while I wandered. Now, I’m not a big jewelry person, but I did find a ring that I couldn’t resist and it didn’t have to fit in the duffel bag!

In addition to the shoppings ops, I liked observing every day life in the souqs. Shoes covered the steps of a mosque where men had gone for prayer.

Women stopped to visit with friends while waiting for husbands to finish at the mosque.

Workers took a break from unloading goods for the souq. All in all the area was a flurry of entertaining activity.

Without question, Dubai was a most enjoyable stop. Had we not done a thing it would have been satisfactory to stay in the hotel where everything about it was perfect and in keeping with all that was Dubai!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

14 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up

  1. Did you buy the ring?

  2. Wow, I know Dubai was really amazing, what a wonderful way to end your trip, in luxury!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures. The buildings look stunning!

  4. Kathleen Oliver May 27, 2019 — 6:07 pm

    I enjoyed reading your post about Dubai and hope I am signing up for more!

    Safe travels!


  5. Bonnie Morgan May 27, 2019 — 2:39 pm

    Great picture of you.
    Dubai looks fascinating.
    I know you will be glad to be home soon but what an adventure you have had!

    1. Yes, and then it’s time to go to Maine. You can be sure I’m looking forward to that.

  6. Fabulous photo of you! Dubai looks interesting and quite a contrast from the African bush!!!

    1. Quite a contrast indeed. Dubai is the most modern place I’ve ever been.

  7. Great photos of a really neat place! Those buildings were incredible!

    It was fun to see beautiful you! 😊

    1. Everything about Dubai was incredible. I’m glad to have you share with me.

  8. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Lovely pictures of a very interesting place!
    Have a HAPPY week 🙂

    1. Thank you for taking a look at a really fascinating place.

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