More About Hugs

Several weeks ago, I wrote about hugs. Since then I have observed how they are shared and the effect they have.

Hugs are a way of greeting a special friend. They express love or offer comfort. They acknowledge a new acquaintance in a somewhat formal way. No matter how hugs are given, they seem to be a natural response. That being said, I’ve noticed that not all people are totally comfortable with hugs and have to learn their value.

I learned that when we had an exchange student from Thailand. Upon her arrival I gave her a big hug from which she tried to back away. Hugging was not familiar to her, but as she became more comfortable with us, it became a part of our relationship. In time, she began initiating hugs and confessed to liking them because it made her feel loved. I’ve wondered if she taught others to hug when she returned home.

Sometimes people give a big ole bear hug. These appear to be reserved for a parent or a child or someone with whom one is very comfortable. Bear hugs express support and are a super way to acknowledge how special someone is though when a larger person gives a smaller person a bear hug, I’ve noticed the squeeze can be a bit too much. I sometimes have to remind the hubby to lighten up when he gives a bear hug!

Spontaneous hugs are what I most enjoy seeing. Those are the ones that happen when a special moment is shared and occur unexpectedly. I’ve seen that between friends walking together or when a tennis partner makes an exceptional shot.

What I know for sure is that most folks like a hug when an unspoken permission is given. There are times when one says, “I need a hug” and someone responds with just the right one. There is no doubt in my mind that hugs make us feel better and sometimes are what helps us get through a challenging time.

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10 thoughts on “More About Hugs

  1. I am a hugger!!!…so everyone gets a hug…but in some cultures it is not a good thing in public… I am with this part of the country there is a hug hello and good bye!

  2. In Alabama a hug accompanies just about every hello and goodbye!

  3. Linda, I love hugs and give them often!

    1. And I bet you give warm, loving ones.

  4. Linda, thank you for this post. I love hugs, but I have had to learn that not all people do, and to read the nonverbal signs they give us about that if we are paying attention. I still fail to see the signals, although I know better.

    1. Like you, Patti, I try to pay attention to the nonverbal invite so as not to impose on someone’s comfort zone.

  5. I, too, am a hugger. When I was still teaching I had many former students coming by for a hug when they needed some reassurance or just a kind face. These days I would be sent to jail I suppose. Isn’t that sad? I know my hug might have been the best part of some kids’s day.

    1. Your hugs are one of the many reasons I like you.

  6. I totally agree!!!

  7. I’m a hugger! And I enjoy hugs! I feel it let’s Friends know how much they mean to me! Nice post my friend!

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