Happy Easter Day

Easter is all but over leaving behind memories that can be added to all the past ones. It was a beautiful day, one full of reasons to celebrate.

Thankfully, we have one daughter in Houston, and Easter is one of the holidays she has claimed. With three lively boys, you can bet that the egg hunt is a tad competitive to see who can find the most goodies.

Not that the boys are getting older, it becomes more of a challenge to find hiding places that are not quite so obvious as in the past.

Today candy wasn’t the only thing they spotted. A recently hatched monarch made them shout with glee. Judging from the number of cocoons among the plants, there are more to come.

Once the egg hunt was over, it was time for a little silliness while waiting for food to be put on the table. This one was eager to dive into the bunny cake!

Speaking of food, it was worth waiting for. A bonus was enjoying the meal on the porch. In Houston, you take advantage of those days when being outside is pleasant.

One of the daughter’s friends brought a carmelized garlic/spinach/cheese tart that was divine. I googled to see if I could find the recipe because it is definitely one that is a keeper. Easy enough as it is from Bon Apetit.

Easter is about many things, not the least of which is spending time with those you love. That makes for a very happy day.

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10 thoughts on “Happy Easter Day

  1. Love your new look.

  2. Looks like a fun day. I’m intrigued by the tart.
    Glad you had a great Easter.

    1. I’m sure you had a wonderful day as well surrounded by family. The tart is one to try!

  3. The boys are getting so big…pretty soon they won’t want to hunt for eggs unless there is money or some other prize inside them. 😀 It sounds like it was a wonderful Easter.

    1. Yes, I remember transitioning from candy to quarters when the girls reached a certain age, but they never tired of the hunt.

  4. Your grandsons are so handsome. Looks like a fun Easter.

  5. Fun! That tart does look divine!

  6. Cute egg hunters! The tart sounds amazing, thank you for the link, and so glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  7. Your grandsons are getting so grown up! And they are handsome…:)

  8. It looks like the perfect day!

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