Everyday Tables

Sometimes a table just happens with no preliminary thought. So it was with this one for another of the simple dinners exchanged every other week with friends. It is inspired by a lovely kalanchoe from Trader Joe’s. I was drawn to its frilly pink blooms that are so springlike.

Surrounding the plant with a few Beatrix Potter characters seemed the right thing to do. Beginning when the daughters were quite young, a different one was a special Easter gift hidden among the eggs for a much anticipated find. For whatever reason, one daughter’s collection remains here, and they are happy memories of shared stories about Peter Rabbit and his friends.

From there the going was easy. The pink blossoms made choosing pastels a natural. At one time or another, all these pieces were gotten from TJ Maxx. It is amazing what a source for treasures that store is!

Tonight’s dinner is pasta for which I like to use these large white bowls. Somehow eating long strands of pasta from a bowl seems easier than from a plate.

Alongside them the rabbit plates, each a different color, is for salad. Add the thumbprint glasses and the table is done with little fuss.

When just the hubby and I are here, we eat at the bar. I’m already thinking about how well the placemats, napkins and rabbit plates will mix with other plates for our dinners for two. I do like getting a lot of mileage from the same things!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

9 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. My children LOVED the Beatrix Potter movies (VHS tapes lol). My daughters favorite words were “ah Peter” in an English accent. The table is amazing as always

  2. I can always count on you for creative tables. I love the bunny plates! Have a blessed Easter Linda!

    1. With so much packed, tables are quite a challenge these days. Enjoy your day with family.

  3. Love the bunnies! The pastel napkins are such fun. Beautiful tablescape.

    1. Hope you and Phil have a most happy day.

  4. Always looking for table topper ideas! Nice!! Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks for your visit. Hope your day is a happy one as well.

  5. Adorable, your bunny plates are so sweet! Have a blessed Easter Linda…

    1. Thanks, Jenna. Hope your day is filled with happiness as well.

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