It’s About Grits

For as long as I’ve been married grits have been a staple at our house. Of course, the hubby and I like them served with a weekend breakfast. He likes them with a pat of butter and a touch of pepper. I like them with butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Grits Souffle

Now, you may think you don’t like grits, but they are wonderful in so many recipes, and I’ve shared a few of my favorites over the years. Grits Souffle is an all time winner, and if I don’t mention the word grits, many who have been served this dish have gone back for seconds. Needless to say they are very surprised to discover how tasty grits can be.

Shrimp and Grits

Another standby is Shrimp and Grits, a dish that has become a common addition to many of today’s restaurant menus. I’m not sure where it started but surely it was somewhere in the south.

Lobster and grits

Living in Maine half the year, lobster is very easy to come by so there was no question but to try something with lobster and grits. Talk about good!

Now, if you are preparing grits, here are a few helpful hints. 1) Instant grits can be used in any recipe to reduce cooking time. 2)You might want to use a nonstick pan as grits have a tendency to cling to the sides and bottom of a pan. A nonstick one sure makes the cleanup easier. 3)For best results, add grits to cold liquid and bring to a boil to avoid clumping. 4) It is best to use grits right after they are cooked as they don’t have the same creamy texture when they are reheated. 5) The more butter and milk or cream that is used the creamier the grits. Makes sense, huh?

If you like polenta, chances are you’ll like grits just as well as the two can be easily interchanged. Don’t be afraid to give them a try.

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20 thoughts on “It’s About Grits

  1. Thanks for the tips…we girls
    raised in the south love our grits!!!!

  2. We love grits too! Lobster and grits… you had me at Hello!

  3. I LOVE grits…as a matter of fact I purchased some yesterday!….Love polenta too….I love my grits topped off with some cheese too…along with the butter, salt and pepper!….I love shrimp and grits; however, in my later years, I have developed an allergy to shellfish.. 😦

  4. I’ve never made grits and maybe before I die I will!

    1. You should give them a try as there’re so many things you can do with them!

  5. Lulu,
    just an extra after thought: does growing up with something make a huge difference to personal taste?

    I’ve tried haggis and hated it… scots clearly differ, I love Marmite, sprouts and lamb, but not liver (no one in my family ever cooked it). Himself grew up with harring… (raw herring) I tried.. ugh, either you love or hate it. he adores it, you can guess which camp I am in !

    Some things will never be an acquired taste, so trying even over and over doesn’t always help.

    1. Maybe growing up with a food makes a difference in one’s response. I like to try all things new and decide whether or not I like it. Sometimes yes, sometimes no!

  6. Ok… as your curious European: My question is “are Grits the same thing that you would find in the UK and new Zealand called “porridge” ? (porridge isn’t a Dutch thing and I don’t think this is what the Dutch call “Pap”).
    I’m intrigued to find out exactly what this might be.

    1. I don’t think porridge is the same as grits which are ground corn. In Europe, I think polenta would be the closest thing.

  7. Yes to grits as I grew up in the south. Love them but don’t care for instant grits… the texture is too soft.

  8. Love grits any way they are prepared!

  9. You’re preaching to the choir here, sister!!! I’m a fan! Garlic/cheese grits with a splash of hot sauce, grits soufflé, shrimp and grits, “True Grit”…no, wait. That’s a John Wayne movie. But you get the idea…I LOVE GRITS!!!!!!! My great-Grandmother hailed from Kentucky and made them for us as kids. My Mom – one of THE worst cooks on God’s green earth – actually made them to taste pretty decent, too. As an adult, I learned to perfect the taste and texture to my liking. When I discovered shrimp and grits, my world became a better place! Mmm, mmm, good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Something else we agree on! I’ve never understood why some folks don’t like them as there are so many things one can do with them.

  10. We love grits, such a Southern staple, but you’re killing me with the Lobster and grits, swoon, that has to be insanely good! We can’t get good lobster in Alabama, so I continue to dream about them through you…

    1. Well, one of these days you’ll have to come to Maine so you can sample lobster and grits.

  11. Grits are a favorite at our house! I love that they have been elevated in restaurants, no longer just a humble Southern food!

    1. Would you believe in Maine I have a hard time finding them?

    2. Yes, it seems that grits, like brussels sprouts, have found their place on menus.

  12. I’ve never had grits and I think I’ve never seen them at the stores! The souffle seems yummy!

    1. They are similar to polenta with just a slightly different texture.

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