Everyday Tables

These days I’m not setting too many of my own tables as we are eating out often in an attempt to keep from messing anything up. That’s one of the challenges of selling a house!

The hubby and I have been out and about doing a lot of looking at things, i.e., pots and pans, and my eye is always seeking displays that provide great ideas for putting together a tablescape. Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma and Bering’s provided lots of fodder on recent outings.

I like the simplicity of displays at Crate and Barrel that demonstrate how easy it is to make an every day table attractive. All that is needed to set off white dishes that so many of us have is a touch of color and texture in the napkins and placemat.

And those same white dishes can take on a new look when a contrasting piece and and different accessories are added.

Williams Sonoma always has a great line of seasonal dishes and the spring selection is not disappointing. The bunny plates are oh so tempting for an Easter brunch. I may have to hop right back over after Easter to see if any pieces are on sale as I am imagining a mix and match table with those bunnies.

Spring is beautifully captured in this floral set. I can see these dishes as the focal point on either a dressy or simple table depending on what is selected to complement them. I imagine them sitting on a table with bottles of spring flowers lining the center and pale green napkins tied with pink ribbon or inserted into a butterfly napkin ring.

Bering’s is a locally owned hardware store thought that does not aptly describe its varied array or goods. The fine china area is eye candy with its beautiful displays and though the displays are pretty fancy, there’s always a take home idea.

Here I love the big chocolate bunny tied with a pink bow and presented as a special treat. Too, the patterns and textures in the setting show that one only has to combine various elements to create a unique look that define one’s personality.

The takeaway here is the use of a piece of jewelry draped over the napkin for that something unexpected. That is definitely something I will think about on some future table.

So, you see by paying attention to displays here and there, you can get all kinds of inspiration, and it’s ever so helpful to snap photos to help you remember what you see. I ask before pulling out my phone which is a courtesy that most vendors won’t refuse.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

13 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. A hardware store with a fine china department…wish we had one here. Once you make the move, I’ll be watching to see if I spy any new dishes. 🙂

    1. The only way I can get new dishes is to get rid of some of the old ones!

  2. What divine photographs, Linda. Such fun ideas! Your table settings should be sitting right there with them.

    1. You do flatter me and I appreciate it.

  3. You’ve certainly got me in the mood to bring out my spring dishes! Store displays are often so creative — I’d love to visit your hardware store!! Mine are nothing like this!

    1. I have to say Berings is not like any hardware store which makes it a treat to explore.

  4. A great way to get inspiration Linda! I know what you mean about “ messing up the kitchen”

  5. Beautiful! What fun to visit Crate & Barrel in person, very tempting!

    1. How right you are and it’s not easy to walk away with nothing!

  6. Sometimes on rainy days I will drive to a great store like Williams Sonoma or Crate & Barrel just to browse the displays. The inspiration is boundless!!!!!! Gets you all riled up in anticipation, doesn’t it? You’ll be back to setting beautiful tables in no time. That house of yours is so gorgeous…it will sell fast!!!!! Thanks for the tour. I’m inspired to clean house now on this rainy day!☔️

    1. What is difficult is resisting the temptation to buy what really catches your eye. On this outing I did manage only to come home with bunny napkin rings.

  7. Linda, what great inspiration you found! I always enjoy seeing what PB and WS are displaying. I love the bunny plates, maybe they will be on sale after Easter.

    1. Yes, it is fun checking out what is new though it can be a very tempting exercise!

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