A Second Look

Amazing what another set of eyes can see as was proven when my friend visited last weekend. She is a home stager in the D.C. area and was anxious to see what we had done to ready our house for sale. While she gave a nod of approval, she suggested a few changes to address things with which I wasn’t comfortable.

Here’s the before. Nothing’s really wrong, but the long space over the fireplace looked so empty and bland with nothing but the candles in place. So, suggested my friend, let’s try something else.

So, looking around the house, we tried first one thing and then another before moving this from a table to the mantle. With its color and a vertical emphasis, the space that had seemed so bland took on new life.

That change did leave a table top empty, so again we looked around and had an aha moment when we spotted this candelabra on the bathroom counter. It was perfect on the copper topped table.

What really excited me is my friend spotting this antique coverlet in my studio and bringing it into the mix. No matter that the colors are faded, they are the right hues and in this setting, the piece assumes a contemporary look. Having this out in the open is especially meaningful as it was done by some long ago family member who I give credit for inspiring me to become a weaver. I like to think I have continued a tradition.

While we were changing this and that, the hubby came in and played a tune or two on the piano. We couldn’t resist putting a couple of those now unused candlesticks on the piano as a tongue in cheek remembrance of Liberace. All we needed to make it complete was a sequin jacket!

After adding to/rearranging a few other things, here is the after. While still pretty minimalist, the look is friendlier which is more to my liking. Would I have done these things had my friend not been here? Maybe one or two, but I would never have thought of using the coverlet which, for me, brought such magic into the room.

Always, I enjoy seeing through someone else’s eyes as there is likelihood of picking up a new idea or two, and it’s even better when those eyes belong to a friend who is talented and great fun with whom to work.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

14 thoughts on “A Second Look

  1. It is truly amazing how a couple of changes can make a really big difference. The coverlet adds such warmth as well as the change on the mantel!

    1. Sometimes I look around and wonder whose house this is. I miss some of my things!

  2. Wow… the mantle came alive! And the coverlet was handmade… how fabulous!

    1. Agreed! A simple change made a big difference.

  3. entertainingwomen March 26, 2019 — 9:46 pm

    I feel confident the person/s meant to carry on your love affair with this home will walk through the front door and buy it with delight. It looks wonderful. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

    1. I hope that whoever that person is will feel the house is as much of a gift as we have.

  4. When I have had occasion to visit a previous residence and seen first hand the amazing decorative changes others have imposed, I always leave wondering why hadn’t I thought of that. But gosh, to see your own home transform before your eyes and the active packing away of so many memories must be terrifically hard. Wishing you the best on your leave taking. So many remembrances in that beautiful home.

    1. Whatever the next person does here should be a reflection of a new personality. It will be a fun exercise for whoever.

  5. Nice changes!

  6. Billie Marisa Keirstead March 26, 2019 — 3:37 pm

    I did think that room was missing something. I did miss a multi colored area rug u see the table to break up the carpeting. But these changes makes things lots better.

    1. Yes, I miss the rug, too. The next time you see it will be in a bedroom.

  7. Walking this morning, Sandy G and I were pondering what lucky person with an artistic eye will buy your house.
    After reading today’s post, it’s true; Friends are Magic!

    1. I’m ready for that special person to come along so we don’t have to keep everything so perfect!

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