For years I’ve happily cooked on a gas range. In our new place, however, the surfaces are so smooth I decided to go with an induction cooktop to continue the look. I’m excited to try something new, but what I didn’t know was that induction requires different cookware than the All Clad I have. Oh my, what a Pandora’s Box that knowledge has opened.

To my amazement, the hubby began researching pots and pans and educating me about what he had learned and then taking me to look at various brands and explaining their differences. I never thought I’d see the day!

He explained that whatever is chosen for induction cooking must be magnetized. That means either stainless steel which can be shiny or brushed

or cast iron like the popular le Crueset. I like the look of it and the choice of colors, but it is quite heavy.

He had me look at the huge selection of nonstick cookware. I’ve never been a fan so I asked why the seeming popularity. The answer was the coating is not teflon so it is safer, and it requires little or no oil which appeals to health conscious folks. That isn’t enough to sell me on it, but some of the best looking cookware is the nonstick.

Now thoroughly confused, I returned home to read reviews and, as you might expect, these are mixed as I suppose there is no product that is going to satisfy everyone. As the hunt continues, however, there are some things the hubby has suggested are important. These include straight sides for better heat distribution, riveted handles that are easy to grip and don’t get hot, pans that go from the cooktop to the oven and are dishwasher safe. And, I have to confess, I want cookware that look good though that is something the hubby probably didn’t consider. The search continues, and I am totally stumped by all that is on the marketplace.

So, what experience do you have with induction cooking and the cookware that works best? Do fill me in!

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20 thoughts on “Stumped!

  1. Until we moved to our country bungalow in September I have never had a home with electric cooktops or a glass top, now I do. I’m still learning. So sad to have to give up some of my Le Creuset and any of my cookware that does not have flat bottoms. I’m going to read through all the comments now and see about getting some experienced tips now!

    1. What cooktop do you have? It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked on anything but gas so it will be a change.

  2. I am of no help to you here. But I do have a friend who has it in their RV and she loves it!

    1. Good to know as there seem to be mixed feelings. I guess it just takes some getting used to.

  3. In 2010 I did a blog post about my research for Induction Pots and Pans in Canada. Though the list of product that was available then is probably outdated, there might be other information you could think about.

    1. Thanks for leading me to your review which gave me some insight.

  4. it’s much easier for cleaning!

  5. Wish I could help you Linda but the only experience I’ve had with induction was on our cruise ship and I don’t recall what pans we used in our cooking class. That said, I have a friend who has induction and she says she has some pots that don’t work well but she doesn’t want to get rid of them as they were her mother’s. She said she plans to use them in their outdoor kitchen that has gas.

    1. I’m anxious to find out how I feel about induction cooking and hoping the learning curve is not too difficult.

  6. You do know that Leon typed that response, Linda? I know nothing about pot and pans!

  7. Lulu, My hubby says you need to look at Duxtop as being the best. And if you want that “beauty look” then see Vremi. Barb

  8. I very impressed that your husband did the research, he obviously loves your cooking! I like All-Clad. I have a Le Crueset pan that is too heavy, I can barely lift it so consider weight…good luck!

    1. Yes, he seems to have a real interest in keeping me in the kitchen. Agreed about the cast iron Le Crueset being too heavy.

  9. Sheryl Cassibry March 21, 2019 — 9:47 pm

    We love our induction and have been using it almost 4 years. I didn’t go buy any fancy cookware but have been fine using some pots and pans from Macy’s. I was a fan of gas for years but like this just as much or more. I would use Creuset all the time if it weren’t so heavy.

    1. Ah, a positive response is much appreciated! I’m hoping I don’t regret leaving gas.

  10. We use Scanpan, Staub and cast iron.

  11. Hey there……I have an induction cooktop and I had to buy new pots and pans. Not all stainless works. Be sure the box says that it will work on induction. I like that induction cooking can bring things to a boil quickly. I find keeping the stove top clean is easy…..I use a warm wet sponge with dawn dripped on and I swirl the mixture around on the top and then I wipe/dry it off with a cotton dish towel.
    I miss some of my old pans still. I have found the simmer feature on an induction stove top cannot be trusted…..I get the simmer set just right like I would for gas and when I come back to check, it may not be simmering at all! Or it can boiling waayyy too much! Home warranties do not cover induction tops. Mine is not vented and I don’t like that. It is made by GE. I am hoping that it does not need service because it is hard to find people to work on it. I love that it turns off instantly. I have been using it for about 2 years.
    We are planning to remodel the kitchen and we will be replacing it with a gas stove top. I will keep the double electric/ convection ovens because they are not very old and I like them. I have read about convection cooking several times but not done very much of it.
    Sorry it rambled some…….

    1. There was a time when I would not have chosen induction, but I thought to take the risk as they are supposed to be improved.. I definitely will consider your comments as I experience the learning curve. Thanks so much!

    2. I am sure there is a learning curve when gas has been so familiar for many years. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the induction will not turn out to be a regretted decision.

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