With a sign in the yard, it’s official that we are selling the house we put our hearts and souls into 27 years ago. You don’t want to know how many tears I’ve shed thinking about leaving. Typically, I’m not attached to things which makes my emotions somewhat surprising.

We’ve done all that we learned we should do to help a house sell quickly. Gone are the colors that thanks to the architectural design made them so easy to use.

They have been replaced by neutrals though I did cheat a little and used three values of gray. Actually, the new look may help me get used to the idea of a more neutral palette that I’m planning for our new place.

In a couple of places I couldn’t resist leaving a touch of color. Fuchsia has been one of my favorite accents as it hints of energy and fun.

Another place I couldn’t bear to paint was the dining room ceiling which was so meticulously done by two very talented women and made the space such a standout..

What is really weird is that the walls are bare except for a couple of paintings. For me, this is carrying the minimalist look a tad too far, but I’m told that potential buyers don’t want to experience your taste but want to imagine their own things in a house.

With the painting done and everything stripped to the bare minimum, we are ready for the lookers. I have to confess to feeling anxious as we begin this bittersweet process, but I am hopeful that someone comes along that will love this unique house and appreciate all the features that make it special.

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Paint Colors: Olympus White, Evening Shadow, Uncertain Gray

20 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. I can only imagine how hard it is to let this go. You’ve staged it perfectly and I am sure that special person will come along. It may have already happened which I will find out as I continue catching up on your blog.

  2. I know how bittersweet it is. Our last home was the only home our granddaughter knew. I know it was truly hard for her too. But we know this is a good move and look forward to making great memories to treasure. You will have so much fun making the new place your home.

    1. I envy you being able to do your thing from the ground up. That is what makes a place truly yours. We are able to make choices from a look that is predetermined. Hopefully, we’ll be able to put our own stamp on it.

  3. Marcia Fennell Gardner March 17, 2019 — 11:41 pm

    I feel your angst, dear talented and sensitive, Lulu.
    Because of life’s little surprises, I have sold more than one home after pouring much of myself into it. My breath was knocked out of me at first. Then I moved, got involved in the new place and decided this was another chance to Express myself. I relaxed and thanked God for the gift. I’m sure you will also!
    Beauty becomes you. Big HUGS.

    1. What lovely thoughts, and I know that as time passes I will recognize the gift. I will remind myself to think of it that way.

  4. I am sure, at the end of the day – you will be able to look back and smile. Not many people put thought and care into maintaining a home much less making it better. It looks like you loved the house and nothing like passing it onto someone else to love. I hope to leave our new home in the distant future 🙂 the same way. BTW – my daughter would love to play that Piano! Very nice indeed.

    1. I am waiting for the right person to come along because he/she will appreciate the house for its uniqueness. Thanks, Joe, for your kind presence.

  5. What a gorgeous home. I hope it sells fast so you don’t have to be in limbo.

  6. What a very gorgeous home, Linda – even in its bare minimum stage. The architecture is simply outstanding. As I say again – “can’t wait to see your new place”!! You are such a talented lady.😎

  7. Your home may be neutral in color now but your personality still shines through. The right couple are going to walk through the front door and fall in love.

  8. I can only try to imagine how difficult it was for you to erase your personality from your house you’ve loved so much…it is truly a piece of art itself and I feel confident that the buyer will have an artist’s appreciation of this unique house and interior spaces. You have a new adventure awaiting!

  9. Such a beautiful home and it looks amazing! I can believe your sadness but Memories will come with you to your new home. Which will be beautiful and amazing!

  10. Laura Moorehead March 12, 2019 — 6:56 am

    Oh, how I feel your pain. It was just 4 years ago that we sold our 1820 house. It was so difficult for me. I spent hours researching historic colors, uncovering details from when the house was first built including some faux woodgrain on the walls and woodwork. Saving that faux work was a huge task since I had to carefully scrape off the years of paint that covered it. Just a couple of weeks ago I found out that the house was back on the market. So soon???? I looked at the photos that were posted on the realtor’s website. They broke my heart. So many of my colors gone including the faux woodgrain, a mural I had painted on the dining room walls which depicted the original houses in town, and stenciling based on patterns that were in use at the time. All covered over with whites. But, it’s not my house. I love my new house which is full of color. I wouldn’t go back to my old house for any amount of money.

  11. Linda, it’s a stunningly beautiful house, even with minimal decor!

  12. Your home is beautiful. Be prepared for a quick sell. The right person will come along and love it as much as you have loved it. I certainly feel your tears.

  13. Sherleen Zehner March 11, 2019 — 8:40 pm

    Oh Linda, I know how difficult the transition to neutral Izvestia is. In my 27 years as a broker, I sadly advised many people to neutralize their Castle. However, your realtors are right on, as well as I believe that you chose the right personality of your home to keep. Hopefully, it will not take much time to sell and move on with your lives!

    Where are you moving to? It is so hard to downsize. We should, but that won’t happen. We built this one to be body-bagged from!

  14. I can imagine my emotions would be crazy. Your home is lovely and the architecture is so unique! I know lots of memories have been made.

  15. Did you originally custom-design this house? It is very interesting in terms of residential architecture. I had a custom home in CT years ago that was unusual for the area, and it took an emotional toll on me to sell it (and a long time to sell). But, my son, who is an architect, said, “Mom, it is just a house. Memories go with you.” That was helpful, and I pass it along. Good luck.

  16. entertainingwomen March 11, 2019 — 7:03 pm

    It’s been almost 27 years since we sold our beautiful home. I understand the tears. I have to confess that to this day, every so many years I look up the house again to see if it might be on the market again. At those moments I wonder if I might want to go look at it again. I never have. You’ve done a loving job neutralizing your home without demeaning it. CherryKay

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