How I Know

Just like clockwork the seasons come and go no matter the temperatures or the color of the sky. How I know spring is around the corner are trees ready to burst with blooms

and azaleas opening to color my world.

A favorite harbinger of spring is the robin. I don’t know where it has been or where it is going, but for now it is here skipping in the grass.

Almost every day a robin or two or three visit our fountain.

Sometimes it’s for a sip of water but more often than not it’s for a bath that provides some entertaining moments.

There’s a whole lot of shimmying and shaking going on as the robin dances around in the water.

All done, the robin sits calmly letting water droplets fall around it and is totally indifferent to its human observer! Its antics give meaning to being as free as a bird!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

13 thoughts on “How I Know

  1. Linda…what beautiful photos!…Love watching birds…such happy creatures!

  2. The photos are amazing. Until I saw them, I had no clue how happy a robin could look taking a bird bath.

    1. It was having a very good time!

  3. wakescountryfarm March 7, 2019 — 2:13 pm

    amazing pictures!

    1. Thank you. It was fun taking them.

  4. Robins really are very personable! Great photos!

    1. They certainly didn’t mind being photographed.

  5. Such lovely captures of the birds in the fountain. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Ellen, the robins were good subjects.

  6. Linda what amazing captures! Stunning!

    1. I just stood a few feet away and kept pushing the button.

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