Just Another Valentine’s

Forty seven years I’ve been married, and that means I’ve prepared forty six Valentine dinners at home. How did that happen?

Well, it began the first year of marriage. The hubby thought to take me out for dinner, but he didn’t think about making a reservation. That resulted in two hours of driving around Houston looking for a place that had room for two. No luck, and around 10:00 we finally ended up at a fast food restaurant. Maybe we laughed at the disaster, but I’m thinking it was frustration rather than laughter that defined the evening.

Now, I’m not always a quick learner, but something told me that would be the norm unless I took the pressure off the hubby to remember both the day and to make a dinner reservation. Something tells me he’s very grateful!

I make dinner most nights, so the challenge is always making the Valentine dinner a little special. The hubby loves veal chops and spinach, and that was a good enough place to begin. I don’t know how many ways one can fix a veal chop, but I’ve tried a number and there’s never been a complaint.

So, yesterday I went shopping for veal chops. Guess what? Except for packaged cutlets, the three stores I tried had no veal. I didn’t want to spend all day looking for chops, so I broke down and bought the cutlets.

It only took a second to decide to make Veal Saltimbocca, a favorite tasty and easy to prepare dish. All that is needed is some prosciutto, a few sage leaves, olive oil and white wine. I had a few sun-dried tomatoes so I threw them in at the last minute as the wine sauce was bubbling away.

When all was said and done, the meal was a success and the hubby expressed his gratitude for once more not having to fight the crowds on Valentine’s. Hmmm, he may be getting a little too used to this!

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15 thoughts on “Just Another Valentine’s

  1. With that table any meal would feel special!!

  2. We will be married 46 years next Saturday and we will celebrate at Highlands Bar and Grill. We always stay in for Valentine’s. I don’t like the large crowds at restaurants. Your meal looked delicious!

  3. What a delightful Valentines Day you had. Your meal looked scrumptious. We always stay in as well but this year we went out for a late lunch and beat the crowd. It was nice but not as nice as your delightful meal!

    1. A late lunch….now that’s a real good idea that I will have to propose.

  4. Looks like a very good treat for valentines. I’ve never had veal, when I was little I thought veal was a baby deer. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you. You were close to think of veal as a baby deer as it is a young cow that many people think is raised in a cruel way.

      1. I don’t eat meat now but I used to love a good steak.

  5. Hubby is a lucky guy ❤️❤️❤️

  6. We learned this years ago, too. Sometimes we’ll go out on another day instead. Your meal looked amazing and the table was lovely, too.

    1. Even I think it may be easier to stay at home when everything is so crowded. At least we can hear each other at home.

  7. Forty-seven years….my goodness, that doesn’t seem possible!!!
    What a lucky man he is , in so many ways!!!
    The table looked beautiful and the menu sounded wonderful!!!

  8. entertainingwomen February 15, 2019 — 9:32 pm

    Edit: HAS been a severe lack of reservations

    1. Boy, husbands are full of surprises! Though having 4 unknown couples for dinner may not have been your choice, I’m sure you entertained with your usual grace and outstanding tables. They were, indeed, lucky guests and your husband likely enjoyed showing off your talent.

  9. entertainingwomen February 15, 2019 — 9:28 pm

    I must say there have been a severe lack of reservations over our 50 years of marriage. I took heart this year when Sweet Mister announced that he wanted us to celebrate Valentines with four other couples. Little did I know that 1. They were couples whom he knew, but whom I had never met. 2. He invited them for dinner at our house, and I was in charge of all the planning and preparation. I don’t think he’ll ever figure it out. Oh well, he does extremely well for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. I’ll keep him. Your dinner looks wonderful. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

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