Sunday Wanderings

During our recent visit to the Phoenix area, I spied a sign for an Indian Market. That seemed a good way to spend a Sunday morning.

Happily for the ones who had a booth, the market was crowded both with lookers and buyers.

It was not surprising to see people drawn to the Acoma pottery typified by geometric designs so carefully drawn on the surface with brushes some of which have only one bristle.

Since I am not in buying mode these days, I paid as much attention to displays as to what was being sold. Of course, color always caught my eye, and this booth was both colorful and fragrant.

What was most enjoyable was stopping to visit with some of the vendors when they were not too busy. This young painter is Navajo from a reservation in northwestern Arizona. He described it as very primitive without running water or electricity in contrast with what he called the town Indians who live closer to cities. He feels lucky to have been blessed with talent that allows him to paint in the style of his people.

This fella was showing his handmade jewelry, but in quiet moments he strummed on his guitar. He explained there was rarely time for him to play so he took advantage of down time during shows. It was easy to tell that music was soothing to him.

There were several others creating music which made me wonder if it wasn’t inherent in their souls. Then I remembered the visit to the Musical Instruments Museum with the quote Music is the language of the soul, which seems to be true in so many ways.

Totally out of context at an Indian Market was this display of French table linens. To many of you it will not be surprising to learn that I couldn’t refrain from buying one as I am so drawn to their Jacquard loom woven patterns and colors.

All in all, the Indian Market was a wonderful way to spend a few hours and a great people watching opportunity. No way could I resist photoing these two guys, so wonderfully opposite. Sunday wanderings are so full of opportunity!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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16 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. The French textiles are gorgeous! I sure hope your visit to Phoenix area was delightful! I love my Arizona… it’s where I call home in the winter!

  2. entertainingwomen February 11, 2019 — 11:50 pm

    You found a wonderful way to pass away a Sunday morning. I had already purchased at least three of the French linens in my mind, before I read that you took one home with you. I admire your resistance; you stopped at one. Thanks for taking us along on your stroll. Cherry Kay

  3. Looks like you made the most of your Sunday and the market. Love that last shot!

  4. Another wonderful peek into other places,other lives while seeing it through your eyes. I greatly enjoy your post…all of them…all the time!! Thankyou so much! Mary in Colorado

    1. It’s wonderful to have you along, and I very much appreciate your kind comments.

  5. The market looks wonderful. I especially like the pottery. It reminds me that I bought a vase similar to some of the ones in your photo many years ago – but I haven’t seen it in years. It must be hiding in a dark corner of a closet somewhere; I may have to actively look for it.

    1. Yes, do find it as it just may prove to be a special treasure.

  6. Linda, we visited a Navajo reservation in Arizona with no electricity many years ago. Their crafts were so amazing, and I couldn’t resist buying! This market looks like so much fun, and the French textiles are beautiful!

    1. Had the textiles not been there, I’d have gotten out hands free!

  7. Happy you didn’t resist the beautiful textiles!

    1. Yep, I needed one more thing to pack up!

    2. As you might guess, I have a hard time passing up beautiful cloth.

  8. I am drawn to the French Jacquard linens as well. Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. I bet that was incredible, wonderful to see their culture displayed through art!

    1. Somehow I bet you, too, enjoy the same kind of experience.

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