Paint, They Say

I am a color person, and our house was designed to accommodate it in a variety of ways. What I’ve been told, however, is that when people are looking to buy a house they want to see a blank slate which means that we are not only decluttering but painting. I had sworn not to paint, but if neutral walls help sell, so be it.

Painting is no easy job as some spaces in the house have a ceiling height of 28′. What that means is that everything has to be moved out so scaffolding can be erected.

With all this in place, there is every indication that dramatic changes are going to happen.

As the first swipes of paint go on, I’m already feeling this is not my house, and that makes me sad in a way I cannot describe. This is a home we dreamed for years before we were able to build, and giving it up is like taking a piece of my soul.

If there has been a positive it’s the men who are doing the work. They are cheerful the whole day long and never stop except for a lunch break when they heat food in their microwave. The good smells make me want to share!

When all is said and done, there will be a clean and fresh new look. What will be really funny is if someone else comes in and changes the color in which case I’ll hardily recommend the painters!

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14 thoughts on “Paint, They Say

  1. It is not easy giving up a home that you love…I know as I’ve done it. My oldest friends are selling their home in Connecticut and their agent told them to paint. Her beautiful dining room that was all glass windows and chocolate brown walls have been painted white. She hates it and the buyer will probably paint them a color because of the light. Such is the life when we are trying to make someone fall in love with the home we love. I hope it sells quickly so you can start new. 🙂

  2. Hopefully with these changes you will be able to sell your house. Looking forward to your new chapter.

  3. Linda, we have always had white walls till we moved to Maine. Lots of color in the tables, couches, lamps. In Maine colored walls took over at Eastward and Clam Cove. I find that I really do love color more than white. Can’t wait to see your new place. It will be pretty spectacular, I’m sure. And the color will come back, my friend.

    1. I may have to get used to monotone as the new place is very open.

      1. I love and adore OPEN!

  4. Yep, people can’t see beyond the paint on the walls. We had to repaint a lot of spaces in our home before we sold it. It helped…

    1. I am hoping the same is true here.

    2. I hope the same is true here.

  5. Oh Linda, this is so hard, my heart goes out to you..your home is so unique, I am sure that there will be a special buyer that will love it too…

    1. Keep your fingers crossed, Jenna, for that person to come along quickly. I’m ready to move on.

  6. I also love color and I know you feel like this is no longer your home. I hope it sells quickly with the neutral color!

    1. We’ll find out for sure. Let’s hope it’s worth the pain.

  7. Billie Marasa Keirstead February 4, 2019 — 4:04 pm

    Neutral perhaps, but why white. It’s not you and it shouldn’t be anyone.

    1. Actually, Billie, it’s not white white but a gray tint. Still, it’s a lot of one color and not as interesting as the way it was.

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