So It Begins

It’s taken 16 years to make up our minds about what our next step should be when it comes to lifestyle. Finally, a decision has been made and it involves big change. We are moving from a house we love to another Houston location that better suits our needs and simplifies (I hope) life.

With that decision made, so begins the process of getting ready which involves going through all that has been collected in 27 years. The question becomes what to keep and what to get rid of.

This is the easy part. There are clothes in the closet that probably haven’t been worn in years. Still in good condition, they will likely be appreciated by someone else.

In drawers, things, some not seen for a very long time, were stacked. It took a while to sort through and separate, but the very organized end result created lots of new space. The best part is being able to see everything in one glance. This kind of order is going with me to the new place!

The really hard part of decluttering is going through batches of stuff that hold such memories. I have to admit to shedding a few tears reading sweet words from the girls. Nothing beats feeling loved by your children.

Some things were not so hard. I have a desk drawer crammed full of note cards, holiday greetings, invitations and the like. Those can all go because these days Paperless Post makes it so easy to send a greeting or invitation. If you haven’t tried that online site, do so as it is an efficient way to find a just right communication.

Well, that’s it for today. It’s time for a break and possibly a tiny tini!

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25 thoughts on “So It Begins

  1. We don’t realize how much we have collected until we have to go through it all. Good luck in the task ahead.

  2. How exciting Lulu! Isn’t it fun going through all the old stuff?Even for me when I see old pieces of my kids artwork it makes me smile.

  3. Good luck on your move!…It took me months to purge and organize and I certainly could have done more…half of my closet went to various charities along with boxes and boxes of “do I really need this?” items…I know that you are looking forward to a new adventure as you always are!

  4. Oh, Linda, I totally understand what you are going through. It’s so hard to deal with “getting rid” of stuff and downsize. But I swear it feels good once it’s done and you experience a new kind of life. I’ll be thinking about you and always see you when Maine is calling.

  5. Teresa S. Fowler January 31, 2019 — 3:36 pm

    Proud of you for making these very difficult decisions. I hope I will be as brave as you are when my time comes to downsize. I am an admitted “saver.” My Phil might say “hoarder. “Not true!

    1. Every day I’m asking myself why. The answer is P thinks it’s time to change. Little does he realize what that involves.

  6. Glad you could come to this decision. Hope the process goes well!

  7. I send you strength and courage, not an easy decision to make, but such a smart one! Owning 2 homes is a lot of work, I couldn’t do it without my son. Luckily he has taken over many of the tasks that need doing, now that my husband has passed. I know you will miss your beautiful home, but think of the future as a new adventure to enjoy!

    1. Jenna, I love your sweet spirit. You are lucky to have help from your son which makes things much easier. Such is not the same for us and the two houses have just gotten to a point where they don’t make sense. I’m less than thrilled to move, but tomorrow is a new day.

      1. I have another friend that is going through the same thing, I will keep you in my thoughts…

  8. It’s so much work to get ready to move. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. You’ll be in your new soon.

    1. I just hope to keep my sanity the next few weeks as we try to get ready to put the house on the market.

  9. I know it is hard but a big pat on the back for doing it yourself. Keep up the motivation! While I can appreciate cards from my girls – at the same time it is just a card. Keep a couple and snap a pic of the rest. Love my girls but love my sanity more.

    1. It’s my sanity that I’m worrying about! Hopefully, I can get through the next few weeks without losing it.

  10. Billie Marasa Keirstead January 29, 2019 — 7:09 pm

    Linda, are you thinking of this as your last move until you both can no longer care for yourselves? We are starting to contemplate this as well, after upsizing to a large home on two levels in a state that gets a bit of snow ( today foe example). I know you and I am the same age and my husband is younger. But we have no real plans in place. Watching your posts. Miss seeing you. Billie Marasa Keirstead.

    1. Billie, you got it. We’ve needed to make a move for some time since we split time between Maine and Houston. Maintaining two houses is more than we want/need to do, and the hubby thinks now is the time to make the change. I wish I were happier about it, but I’ll get there.

  11. Thinking about you as you decide what goes and what stays!!! I need to do the same thing!!!

    1. Though there’s a lot that has to go, it could be worse. I’m glad not to have been more of a keeper!

  12. Linda, I know this is a big decision, but you look like you are ready!

    1. Getting there, but there’s a lot more to be done. Not fun!

  13. Change isn’t easy, but you sound very organized. Hope you enjoy your life changes.

    1. Once the change occurs it will be OK. Right now I’m just asking why!

      1. Just hang in there. This too shall pass. 🤗

  14. Good Luck with all your preparations!

    1. Thanks. I’m ready for all to be done.

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