Letting Go

I love to read, and for sure I have lived many lives through the pages of a book. There comes a time, however, when there’s just no more room for another and the question becomes what to keep and what to pass on. Here, that is something that has to be addressed as the hubby and I are attempting to rid ourselves of anything we don’t need. Our daughters will be happy to hear that!

Some books we will keep not to read them a second time but to peruse the pages either for their beautiful pictures or their pertinent information. Others will be donated, some will find their way to a dumpster and some will be boxed up and taken to Half Price Books, a great place to recycle a variety of items.

Going there is quite an adventure. Books of every kind line shelves from floor to ceiling.

Want a book on ethnic food or one by a popular food writer? No problem as there’s lots to choose from.

How about blacksmithing? Hopefully, there are at least five people to whom the subject is appealing!

Interested in history? There appears to be a book on everybody and every happening that is of historical importance.

Not only are there books on every subject, there are bins full of CDs, LPs and videos. Going through those can bring back a lot of memories.

Where all of these items are taken in, there are boxes and boxes and stacks. With shelves and bins already filled to the brim, there is absolutely no place to put anything else. That led me to ask what happens to all of it. Items in good condition are shelved as space becomes available. Some things are given away and books not in good enough condition to sell or give away are recycled, so it appears there is a purpose for everything.

I almost felt guilty placing my bag of books on the counter, but that feeling went away when I was awarded $3 which didn’t even cover the cost of the book I was going to purchase! Oh well, that’s the nature of things and someone else may find a treasure among the books I left behind.

So, how do you recycle all that you no longer read, listen to or watch?

20 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I take all of my things that I need to “let go” to several charities in the area that have “stores” One of them is benefiting the local schools. I love to search through books at the thrift shops.

    1. I’m going to have a garage sale and whatever is left will be given to thrift shops or trashed. At this point I’d like to get rid of everything as that would make this process easier!

  2. P.S. Half-Price Books is my Dallas hangout when I go there to visit!

  3. I fine BOOKS, BOOKS everywhere. I especially like the garage sale reads. I am always buying a book that calls someone’s name and give it to them as a surprise gift! Many people donate to our Little Free Library, Linda. And each month when I clean that out, they go to the Salvation Army or the Rockport Library for their annual book sale. I LOVE BOOKS!

    1. I wish the Little Free Library was available here as that is such a great way to share.

  4. We tried to get rid of some of our books before we moved. We took them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. We still could purge some more off our shelves. In the meantime I’ve also purchased more books. 🙂 I’m still in the have to hold it in my hands reading camp. One thing that has helped in purging is to see those books at Goodwill that are plentiful on the shelves. Then I can say if I ever really want to read that again I can find a cheap copy.

    1. I expect many of my books will be donated which is a good way to share. I must confess to having gone to a reader in order not to collect any more books except for cookbooks which I can’t resist!

  5. I take most of our to the local Goodwill which is where I always seem to find something great to read while there dropping my things off. Right now I am looking for a new book as I need a bit of an “escape” from my one life and it’s challenges of taking care of young children again and unfit parents. One day at a time….

    1. We all need an escape from real life from time to time which is why we read.

  6. When I had my barn sells before we sold our home in New Hampshire, I gave everyone a free book who bought something at the sale. I had a lot of beautiful coffee table books that found new homes. 🙂

  7. My mom has similar “collections” at her house. I really wish she was as proactive as this. My girls are great readers, I tell them a couple of times a year let’s either take the books to a friend or donate to a location of their choice.

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to get started. eBooks make life a lot easier!

      1. She has those too! I can hardly use her PC or phone 🙂

  8. It is a good feeling to donate, perhaps bringing joy or providing a need for someone less fortunate…I love the quote at the beginning of your post!

    1. Yes, me too as books do offer so many ways to enter another life.

  9. We donate to our local library for their annual book sale.

    1. Ah, good idea and there’s a library close by!

  10. Lulu,
    We have little neighbourhood “street libraries” (for want of a better description). They are a little cupboards that attach to a poles, fence etc, have a glass front door, and people in the local street leave books they don’t want, others are free to take what they wish.
    The rule is that the books donated are supposed to be in good condition but ok, you always have a few “dumpers” of stuff totally falling apart, incomplete etc. One of our neighbours tidies it out every few weeks and most of the time there is a pretty good turnover of books. Since it’s right on the street where people walk past and get curious it’s accessed more often than it would if it were a box in the local library.

    1. If I was non Maine I would donate to the free libraries that are quite common, but they don’t seem to have caught on here. They are such a great idea.

  11. I love Half Priced Books too! ❤️

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