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I never know what is going to inspire a tablescape, but with it being our turn to host the gourmet group, I want it to reflect the people who are coming. We are not a real formal bunch, and nothing special is expected since we’ve known each other for years. What that means is that I want the table to be comfortable, nothing fussy, and I want to get it ready in advance.

So, where to start? There is an arrangement of candlesticks and bells already on the table, and as I was thinking about changing them for something else, the candlesticks spoke to me. It was their painted flower design that got me going and made the rest quite simple.

I immediately thought of these chargers as a way of adding to the flower inspiration.

From there the going was easy. The chargers provided the backdrop for simple square white plates.

Then I started thinking about a menu, and with the weather being a little on the chilly side I decided soup would be a good way to begin the meal. With that decision came the addition of soup bowls that are a part of the china collection left me by my mother.

As with so many things I use, the textured pink glasses have their own story. They belonged to a grandmother of a dear friend who gave them to me thinking that I would be more likely to use them than she. That makes them something special. You can be sure that every time the glasses are on the table I think of my friend and hope that her grandmother would be pleased to see them there.

Nothing more need be done with the table. What has to happen next is deciding what is going in the bowls and on the plates so that recipes can be sent and assigned. One of the beauties of our gourmet group is that the host plans the menu, but the meal preparation is shared. That makes it more pleasant for everyone.

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Tablescape Thursday

22 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. A hope of spring table to me….love this table

    1. Yes, the table was a little more like spring than winter but it was a beautiful springlike day in Houston which probably had something to do with the choices.

  2. Linda, I love the chargers, they are so pretty. Your tables are always imaginative and creative.

    1. Like you, I have fun doing them.

  3. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty. you are talented.

    1. I don’t know about talented, but I do enjoy preparing tables.

  4. So so pretty, I love the unique pink glasses!

    1. Me too and the pieces that go with them.

  5. Love how you divide up the meal contributions. How nice to have your mother’s dishes to enjoy.

    1. Definitely sharing the fixing makes it more fun for all.

  6. A beautifully set table and a delicious sounding menu.

    1. Thank you. I was a little worried about the duck as I’d never cooked it, but it turned out fine.

  7. Love that plate I will have to go hunting for our garden club gatherings.

    1. If you have Michael’s close, try there.

      1. Thanks have one here in Epping I will go look

  8. You sure have a knack for arranging beautiful table settings!

    1. You are so kind with your comments.

  9. Jennifer (me met on Danube cruise) January 18, 2019 — 12:49 am

    I participated in a friend’s gourmet club done in the same manner in Stockholm. I loved it! I would love to know what menu you decided on! A stunning table scape, indeed!❤️

    1. Sharing the preparation makes gourmet easier and more enjoyable for all. Menu was wild mushroom soup, duck breast in red wine sauce, roasted veggies, poached pears. All good!

  10. Your table looks really stunning. I love the combination of patterns and colours. The candlesticks are so pretty too. 😍

    1. Thanks! You know how I love color and pattern.

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