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Do you remember when it was a special treat to go out to eat? I grew up in what was then a small town in Florida and eating out meant going to Howard Johnson’s where I loved the fried clam strips. Most of the time though we ate at home, and because my mother worked I started helping in the kitchen by the time I twelve or so.

It was OK helping to prepare the evening meal, but what I liked best of all was setting the table, and that is something that has stayed with me to this very day. As I look back, I see that as an early creative outlet.

Fast forward to today when most nights the hubby and I eat at home, and when it’s the two of us we normally eat at the bar. Even there I like to dress it up a bit.

A night or two a week we enjoy having friends over for a simple dinner requiring us to move to a table. Always there are flowers or candles or whatever on the table which makes the rest pretty easy. Here there were tulips arranged in old ink bottles, all that was needed to get a table setting started.

In keeping with the look of the bottles, I chose dishes of blue and white set on a denim charger.

White napkins were gathered in very fun holders that can be twisted into a variety of shapes. They are thanks to a friend who knows how much I enjoy preparing tables and has gifted me with some of my favorite things.  

As I was putting away some painted fruits that had been out during the holidays, I thought why not put one at each place for no reason other than to add a bit of the unexpected.

There you have it. In less than 10 minutes the table was set, and I like to think these simple touches will add to the flavor of the evening.

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Tablescape Thursday

7 thoughts on “Everyday Table

  1. I like this- especially the tulips! We rarely ate out when I was a child because it was a luxury. There was a smorgasbord that I loved to go to because it offered so many choices!

  2. Linda, your tables are always creative and welcoming! We rarely ate out when I was growing up, my Mom was the best cook ever!

  3. Your table says “welcome friends” perfectly.

  4. The last photo is award winning!!! Looks like a Sarah Lamb painting! ❤️

  5. Beautiful and creative table setting. Putting this much care and attention to the dinner table makes dining with your loved ones extra special!

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