Looks of the Season

As I drive through the neighborhood in daylight hours what I’m noticing is that holiday decor has taken a turn toward simple. There are fewer yards filled to overflowing with Christmas imagery. Gone, too, are the blow up Santas which seemed to collapse with the first strong gust of wind and lay in a sad heap for most of the holiday season.

What is appearing this year are wreaths tied with red ribbon hanging from windows.

Greenery, real and artificial, drapes doorways.

With colorful baubles and lights added, the look becomes quite festive.

Where there are railed porches, greenery conveys a warm and friendly look, and I imagine the smell of cookies baking in a cozy kitchen.

Of course, there are wreaths of many kinds.

What is wonderful about them is how they reflect the style of the home and make you want to see more of what is inside.

Here and there nutcrackers, a favorite Christmas image, stand guard on a porch.

While there are many symbols of Christmas, none says it better than this very simple manger.  For so many, the birth of the child and the message of the man he became has had a profound impact.  All the rest is just decoration.

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10 thoughts on “Looks of the Season

  1. Thank you for the tour of these beautifully decorated homes!! We are truly appreciating more of the less is more.

  2. I love Christmas decorations! My shoe tree is up in the den, my shoe and purse tree is in our bedroom, the musical instruments tree is in the living room, etc, etc.
    love your table. Beautiful as always. Merry Christmas!

    1. These days a few of my favorite things make it out each year, and it stops at that. Minimal makes putting things away much easier! Merry, merry to you and Phil.

  3. I enjoyed your neighborhood Christmas tour.

    It’s a beautiful time of year.

  4. Linda, I still love traditional outdoor decor. You have shown some beautiful examples!

  5. I like the simplicity of that manger scene. Those nutcrackers really look great on that porch, too. I’d like to expand our lights seeing what a welcome sight they are since we do not have street lights on our road.

  6. The giant nutcrackers seem to be the thing around here, and lots and lots of colored lights! I’ve always enjoyed seeing homes decorated especially at night! The double doors are lovely

    1. While decorations are simple around here, when night comes the dark is lit by lots of twinkling lights.

  7. I enjoy a good computerized laser light show just as much as the next gal, but I must say I do prefer the more traditional look of Christmas decor. I know a lot of people like those blow-up creatures, but they’ve just never been a favorite. The kids love ’em, though, so I imagine they’ll be a part of the Christmas landscape for some years to come. We went simple but pretty this year with candles in the windows and wreaths. The INSIDE, of course, is a whole different story!!! Still very traditional in its look, but not exactly “simple.” I just love the Christmas season, and I hope people don’t forget the REASON for it. Merry Christmas, Linda.

    1. I can imagine you going over the top with Christmas decor and laughing all the way. Here’s wishing the the merriest and all good things in the new year.

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