A Peek Inside

Mine is an ever changing neighborhood with old houses coming down one by one to be replaced by new ones more satisfactory to today’s lifestyle.  When there is opportunity to look at new construction, I like to take a peek inside to get a feel for what is currently  trending in architecture and design.

I’ve watched this house being built, so an open house lured me inside and I was charmed by the presentation. 

Open spaces define the first floor. 

With its bright white walls, wide plank oak floors and doors opening to the outside, the house has a light and airy feel.

Kitchens always get my attention, and this one has much to offer.  There’s plenty of work space, ample cabinets and an island featuring the waterfall detail which is a popular one these days.

Off the kitchen is a delightful space to enjoy morning coffee and, like the larger interior area, opens to the walled in courtyard which brings the outside in.

The lot on which the house is built is not large, but because the design maximizes views it feels like a much larger property.  The second floor study with three walls of windows is like being in a tree house.  I could imagine writing here or sitting and reading in one of those very comfortable chairs.

New construction seems always to have enormous master baths and closets, and this house is no exception.  In the bath, the tub is typical of the look often seen in current magazines, and while it is dramatic, I’m thinking getting in and out might be a challenge!

Wandering through this house was a pleasure thanks to the tasteful staging of the young woman* hosting the open house.  I liked several of the pieces and queried where they were from.  She revealed that most everything was from Restoration Hardware and High Fashion Home in Houston.  All in all, the house made a very good impression and by the end of the day there were several offers.  That’s what I call success!

*All photos are courtesy of Kastenna Parikh whose good work resulted in the sale.

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13 thoughts on “A Peek Inside

  1. Hello, Linda,
    Thank you so much for coming by that day and also taking the time to feature this house. I feel so lucky to have met you. I love your blog -it is so awesome you take time to do this! Can’t wait to see you again. Kasteena Parikh

  2. Oh, Linda, I just LOVE this house. The glass all around is spectacular. It has a contemporary feel, which I like. I can see why there were several people itching to purchase it. It’s just the right size as well.

  3. So gorgeous! My daughter is about to redo her 1950s rancher, and this open look is what she wants, I will share this with her, thanks Linda!

    1. I am currently working on our new home. It is a 59 Ranch… my site is http://www.my59ranch.com I just found this site through WordPress and always looking for tips and tricks to help along the way. Any other resources that you know of with real world examples?

      1. Oh awesome! I will have to watch your progress! Here’s the link to the company she’s using, lots of good photos and ideas http://drakehomes.net/

      2. What an adventure you have in front of you. The hubby and I remodeled our first house and did all the work but the sheetrock ourselves. I look back and wonder how we managed. There are lots of wonderful resources available and you will enjoy choosing from them.

      3. Awesome- we did a lot of things to our first home and hopefully we can use the proceeds from it to pay a contractor. Thanks for following and giving me some feedback- it is really exciting!

  4. LOVE the light fixtures!!!

  5. This house was very interesting. I love the open airy feel and
    all the light!
    Your thoughts on the tub are mine too.

  6. A beautiful house, perfectly staged. I see why it sold so quickly.

  7. I love a peek inside a home! It is truly beautiful and obviously thought so since there were many offers. Thanks for letting me see inside!

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