Tini Time

Tini time is a tradition at our house.  That doesn’t mean everyone has a martini. Rather it is a time for whoever is around to enjoy being together and having snacks and a beverage of choice.  I concoct what they call a special drink for the kids, and for adults, quite often the choice is a martini which makes me think of how I learned to make one.

Years ago we were in London staying at the Duke’s Hotel  said to be known for its martinis. One afternoon while waiting for the hubby to return from a business meeting, I asked the bartender to instruct me in making the drink.

“So,” he says, “you want to know how to make the real thing rather than the minestrone soup you Americans seem to prefer?” Well, that response quieted me, and all I could do was nod in affirmation.  He then brought out  what is necessary, including an eyedropper.

The first requirement is to have the glass and gin both icy cold from having been kept in the freezer. Then approximately 2 ounces of gin is added to the glass along with a hint of vermouth (3-5 squirts from the eyedropper) and a lemon twist. Simple enough, wouldn’t you say?

According to my now expert, a martini is never shaken because the icy cold gin and glass provide just the right temperature and eliminates diluting the drink.  The lemon twist adds a complementary essence whereas olives or onions or whatever result in minestrone  soup.

Whether his technique is right or wrong depends, I guess, on one’s preference, but I’ve shared it with many a martini drinker who now keep gin and glasses in the freezer.  Some, however, can’t avoid adding an olive!

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8 thoughts on “Tini Time

  1. The minestrone soup version is my martini of choice, made with vodka rather than gin. I willing to try something new, though. Gin has never been my favorite spirit, but who knows? When you say “3-5 squirts” of vermouth, do you mean full squirts or 3-5 drops?

    1. You can also keep the vodka in the freezer which we do for those who prefer it. 3-5 barely!

  2. That is a fun story! Minestrone soup! 😂

  3. Martinis are never shaken? That’s news to me. I’ve always thought James Bond’s “shaken not stirred” Martinis set the standard for the drink.

  4. I’ll stick the gin and the preferred glass in the freezer! 🙂

    1. Having everything cold makes preparation much easier.

  5. 🙂 Dear Lulu,

    this looks and sounds delicious!
    I think I have to check out something to drink from my “bar” now 😀

    Have a very HAPPY day!
    Claudia 🙂

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