Halloween Fun the Small Town Way


Small towns seem to bring out the best in folks when it comes to holiday fun, and here in Maine Halloween may be the best time of all. 

IMG_2416Skeletons party up in front yards.


Bony friends rise from the deep in boats that have long since ceased to float.

IMG_2354Witches have tired of broomsticks and now travel in carriages pulled by pumpkins instead of mice.HalloweenGhouls rise up out of darkness to be part of things,




and ghosts and scarecrows have tasty treats to share.


In one small town giant pumpkins, painted and carved, line the street


while in another the main street is closed for an afternoon of trick or treats.  There are no tricks as every business participates in the fun with costumed employees handing out treats until there are none.

I don’t know what it is about small towns, but it doesn’t take much to bring out community spirit that makes holidays fun for everyone.

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Fun the Small Town Way

  1. This would fit right in with Lens-Artists WPC #17 “Just For Fun”!

  2. Oh so much creativity! I swear Halloween gets more elaborate every year! Happy Halloween!

  3. We’re experiencing that in our small town this year, too. Seems everyone rallies for fun! Enjoyed seeing the many creative displays you shared.

  4. Oh yes, New Hampshire small towns were the same way. There were almost as many homes decorated for Halloween as there were for Christmas. Here in Florida, not so much.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! We don’t have Halloween where I live, and it’s amazing to see how much effort and time people put into celebrating this holiday.

  6. How much fun, Linda! Those giant painted and carved pumpkins are amazing!

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