Fantasy Becomes Reality

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few years ago when a friend purchased the property, this was 29 unkempt acres with little more than a barn. The plan, he announced, was to create a horse farm. Thoughtful, yes, because his wife’s favorite pastime is riding, but it occurred to me the fantasy was a little crazy because these two people have their hands full. Besides, I hadn’t noticed that many people rode horses around here.

Well, call me wrong. Today, Pepper Hill is another attraction on Maine’s midcoast.

IMG_7301 (1)Land has been cleared to create wooded riding trails, and new pens give horses a place to frolic and enjoy being outside.

IMG_7305 (1)The barn is updated and every stall is occupied by beautiful animals that are well groomed and spoiled with attention.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is an indoor arena which makes riding in any weather possible.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the unique features at Pepper Hill is its stable of Icelandic horses.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATheir smaller frame makes them the perfect horse for children learning to ride.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Icelandic also has become a popular choice for adults as it has a pleasing diversity of gaits.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is wonderful about Pepper Hill is that it gives positive proof that fantasy can become reality though making it happen requires considerable effort.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere, much of that effort can be attributed to the hubby who spent hours clearing, building and sweating. Sometimes I wonder when he sleeps!

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21 thoughts on “Fantasy Becomes Reality

  1. Looks like a wonderful facility. Gonna do that next summer!! Haven’t been on a horse in 45 years, and husband David has never ridden in his 67 years but wants to learn…

    1. The Icelandic’s are a wonderful way to reacquaint yourself with riding or to learn.

  2. Mary Jo and Michael are two amazing people – multi-talented to say the very least!

  3. Lovely stables and sweet horses! I wish them success.

    1. So far, Pepper Hill is a real gift to the area.

  4. Awesome🐎

  5. They have truly created a wonderful farm! The arenas and trails are wonderful, the stalls and boarder facilities are awesome . But I too wonder how they sleep!

    1. I’m sure your appreciation is rewarding.

  6. Looks so beautiful. I am amazed at what you have created in Maine. You are both amazing!

  7. Wonderful facility, designed with the horses in mind but also very accommodating to us humans. Took up serious riding again this summer and had a blast – Holly is an amazing instructor, and Icelandics are a great ride. Thank, Mary Jo and Michael, for establishing such a beautiful equestrian Oasis!

    1. It’s good to know of your appreciation for something done well.

  8. What a wonderful facility! The hubby sounds like mine, loves hard work!

    1. This guy is amazing and always has a project.

  9. I LOVE that photo of Michael! He looks so great. And Mary Jo in heaven on that horse all decked out. Great, great pictures. I need to meet with you and get 5 top tips you learned about using a camera, Linda.

  10. This will added to my bucket list of places to visit next time in Maine! 😍

  11. This is wonderful! Of course I am delighted to see a nice new barn with such good stalls and beautifuly fenced paddocks. Some years ago I rode some Icelandics. They are very nice and the tolt ( their walking trot) is fun too. Thanks for posting this and give my congratulations to the people who made this dream come true!!😊

    1. I’m glad you took a peek as I’m sure you’d have special appreciation for the facility.

  12. I just love to see people make their dreams come true!

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