Paris: A Different Look

The hubby and I have been to Paris several times with guide book in hand to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  This time was different.  We did very little that could be considered touristy as our focus was on people and place.

DSC01096Because we were close to Notre Dame, we passed by several times a day.

DSC00479It was impossible to resist taking photos from every angle and at different hours.

DSC00416Crazy as it seemed, we realized we’d never been inside, so one morning, with there seeming to be no waiting crowd, we went in.  To say the least it is an impressive structure causing me once again to marvel at the ability to create and build that existed centuries ago.

DSC00421Looking around at the people snapping selfies, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were more interested in capturing themselves in the building than in studying its grandeur.

DSC00467Close by is Sainte Chapelle, one of my favorite places in Paris.  There was no way I could pass by without going inside to again experience its dramatic beauty.  

DSC00469Seeing the majesty of it and Notre Dame made me appreciate the courage of those who disobeyed Hitler’s orders to destroy Paris.

DSC00882 (1)With those two visits behind, the remainder of our experience was exploring, primarily  Ile de laCite and  Ile Sainte- Louis.

DSC00756I so enjoyed the characters on the street.

There seemed to be no limit to what they did to draw attention.

DSC00783No matter the act, I can’t imagine the euros earned are enough to provide more than a meager livelihood.

DSC00928What I liked best about walking the streets was capturing unposed versions of people doing what they do.

DSC01186It might be a child finding a new friend on a playground

DSC00777or two friends enjoying the sunshine while walking the dog

DSC01355or a couple sharing a special moment at a sidewalk cafe.

DSC01006In the dark of night Paris is aglow.

The changing colors of the Eiffel Tower light the sky

DSC01039and a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty stands proud on the banks of the Seine.  I had no idea that existed, but it makes sense as Lady Liberty was a gift to the U.S from France.

Yes, my view of Paris is forever changed thanks to a workshop that encouraged paying attention to all that can be experienced beyond the familiar tourist attractions.  

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

16 thoughts on “Paris: A Different Look

  1. Wonderful pics. Sainte Chapelle is also one of my favourite places in Paris.

  2. I am loving your Paris posts. I spent a semester abroad in Paris in 1993.I will never forget my time there!

  3. Linda, I have so enjoyed the photos taken in Paris. My favorite here in the man smoking the cigarette. Just one perfect shot and you get a real story! We must talk about “picture taking” some day.

  4. Linda – Stephen will tell you about his, “Miracle” experience at Sainte Chapelle!!!

  5. You got some very good pics of everyday people.
    Love all the colors of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is beautiful lit up at night and especially during a full moon.
    We visited Notre Dame and enjoyed the audio tour explaining so much of the history that was fascinating. Sainte Chapelle was full of scaffolding when we were there but was still gorgeous.

    1. I had never seen the tower lit like that and it was spectacular. Are Chapelle is such a gift especially with the stained glass lit by sun as it was the day we were there.

  6. Love these views of Paris, especially the people on the street. In addition, your photos of the Tower after dark are quite good — mine are usually not that clear. Thanks for posting. You’re making me long for another trip to this beautiful city.

  7. Excellent photography! This must have been a fascinating experience!

    1. It was a wonderful week of doing nothing but looking to see what you could see! BTW, some of my comments to you don’t seem to go through. I’m puzzled.

  8. Wonderful pictures, i enjoyed very much the people on the street shots.

  9. Lovely photos, I can only imagine the majesty of those incredible cathedrals! Watching the people rather than visiting tourist attractions is really the way to get the feel of the country and culture…

    1. How right you are, Jenna. That was what made this trip so special.

  10. Wonderful photographs! Makes me so want to to Paris and just wander!

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