With Camera In Hand, Ready!

DSC01289Where to begin describing what was an intense and fun filled experience?  Thanks to an opportunity provided by Maine Media Workshop I traveled to Paris for a few days to focus on street photography with Peter Turnley.  Now, that name may not be familiar to you, but chances are you’ve seen his work on the cover of Newsweek where it has appeared 43 times or on a Sixty Minutes segment featuring him and his twin brother, also a photojournalist.  Peter is recognized as one of the world’s best, and he is also a renowned street photographer splitting time between Paris and New York when he is not traveling to one place or another.

DSC01284So, what does it mean to take a workshop with Peter?  Knowing his credentials, I thought learning from him might be a bit intimidating.  Not so.  Peter is not only interesting but interested in the people he teaches.  He is warm and approachable, qualities which show in his work.  Most importantly, he provides positive critiques that give clues how to improve.

DSC00412 (1)What I focused on this week was seeing.

DSC00388That meant walking with my head up paying attention to all that was around me.

DSC00355 (1)I had my camera ready to fire away in an instant so as not to miss the moment.

DSC00537I  attempted to find a story in what I saw through the camera’s lens.

DSC00402Most importantly, I tried to own the idea that I am a photographer which is a pretty tall order.

DSC00858With those thoughts in mind, I hit the street remembering that, in Peter’s words, a camera is only a tool.  What matters is what is done with it.  

I will share with you my results and the tips that may help us all become better photographers.  Stay tuned!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind 

12 thoughts on “With Camera In Hand, Ready!

  1. What a great experience! You are already a great photographer because you notice the moment in life. Can’t wait to see more of your photographs! And so glad you got the experience.

    1. I realized how much I don’t know!

  2. Oh, Linda, what beautiful shots you got on your adventure in Paris. I love the black and white pictures – so clear and interesting. Makes me think about what is going on.

  3. Wow what an amazing opportunity Lulu! I would love to take a photography class like this especially in Paris! Can’t wait to read your next post with tips!

  4. You lead the most exciting life!

  5. How exciting, Linda! I saw your IG, I can’t wait to see more.

  6. I look forward to you sharing what you leaned ❤️❤️

  7. What an amazing trip and adventure!!! I cannot wait to see more!

  8. Look forward to your tips.
    I would have been intimidated big time.
    What kind of cameras did most of the students use? I saw cell phones in one of your pics.

    1. No cell phone pics allowed. 6 people had 6 different cameras. Mine is a Sony, new to me and I like it.

  9. Can’t wait to hear more !!!!

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