Changing Times

At one time Maine was a prosperous state thanks to lumber, textiles, boat building and fish packing.  Those days are gone as one business after another has disappeared. A dwindling economy means that many of the small towns that define Maine are having to reinvent themselves to give folks opportunity to make a living. Two midcoast towns that have done just that are Belfast and Rockland.

Belfast Belfast once relied on chicken and sardine packing to provide its economy.  Today, those businesses and the associated smells have been replaced with restaurants, galleries and retail shops.

For us, it is easy to go to Belfast on the boat which means a fun outing and a great way to entertain guests. Favorite stops are Chase’s Daily, a combination vegetarian restaurant and farmers market featuring flowers and produce brought in daily from the owner’s farm.

I stock up on those things, but my very favorite thing is the chocolate cherry cookies that are irresistible!

New on the scene since last year is a year round farmers market that sells everything from handmade goods to cheese to meats to produce.  One can spend a couple of hours there browsing and snacking on Saturdays from 9 until 2.

IMG_2045Rockland has undergone a complete metamorphosis in recent years.  When we started coming to Maine 26 years ago, we held our noses and quickly passed through.  These days Rockland prides itself for being the state’s art capital.

IMG_2044It is home to the Farnsworth, one of the country’s best small art museums. It has an extensive collection of Maine related art, but the real draw is the work of the Wyeth’s: Andrew, N. C. and Jamie.

IMG_2047An exciting addition to the  community is CMCA (Center for Maine Contemporary Art), formerly located in Rockport.  Early on, some were concerned about its architectural style not complementing buildings dating back to the 1800’s, but that worry has dissipated and CMCA adds a vibrancy to the flourishing art scene.

IMG_2043As many charms as Maine has, the sad truth is that it is a poor state.  So much of the economy depends on summer tourism, but aside from the coast there is not much to draw visitors.  With dwindling opportunity, it becomes increasingly important for small towns to respond to changing times.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

24 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. Small towns are my favorite and yes with so much available online, I see many of the little shops I like to visit locally, struggling and eventually closing.

    1. I resist ordering online for that very reason!

  2. Wow, to Belfast by boat, how exciting and even romantic !
    Beautiful images too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I love going anywhere by boat 🚣‍♀️

  4. Beautiful photos and charming towns! How fun that you can get to Belfast by boat~

  5. Linda, this sounds like our town. It was a manufacturing plant of steel making, tire producing, and cotton mills. The steel and cotton mills have closed. Our downtown has been revitalized and we attract many to our river that runs through. We have also become an attractive retirement community. But we don’t have much to keep our children here. I never realized that Maine was a poor state.

    1. I believe it’s in the bottom 5. It’s very hard to make a living here.

  6. entertainingwomen September 10, 2018 — 9:52 pm

    Rockland and Belfast could be one of many small Oklahoma towns who have successfully reinvented themselves to bring new economical opportunities to their denizens. I believe they are champions and meritorious examples of the American Spirit. Thanks for highlighting this heartwarming example of true Americana. Cherry Kay

  7. What a great post Lulu! Where in Maine are you based? Sounds pretty fun to be able to take a boat and explore these towns. When we finally get to do our Maine trip, I’d love to find out from you where to go. There is so much to see there!

    1. We are in beautiful Rockport. Keep me posted on your plans.

  8. Insightful and lovely introduction to these communities and the state. Thank you!

  9. Hope these small towns can carry on and thrive. Glad you can help the economy.

  10. I just love Rockland and have many fond memories of visiting during childhood summers spent nearby, on Spruce Head Island.

    1. You are a lucky girl to have spent time on the midcoast.

  11. Linda, I don’t want to think of how many chocolate cherry cookies I have had at Chase’s. Tom

  12. I live within an hour’s drive of another good place to see art by the Wyeth’s, the Brandywine Museum.

    1. Yes, we’ve visited and enjoyed.

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