A Time to Play

Creating a centerpiece is fun, a time to play and let creativity shine.  

tablescapeIt can begin with a kid’s toy

filled with flowersor a collection of sprinkler cans.

southwestern tableWhen the garden is blooming wildly,  gather a handful of blooms and arrange them in a collection of favorite bottles.  This is the simplest way to stage any tabletop.

tablescapeSculptural shapes are fun to use as part of a centerpiece and interesting textiles are great inspiration for color.

Halloween tablescapeSeasonal creations can be full of whimsey

white tablescapeas well as reflect the season’s bounty.

Valentine tableThere’s no time better than holidays for play.

Christmas decorPull out those favorite things and let them star on a table.birdhouse tableHave a collection?  Use pieces from it as part of a playful creation.

tablescapeEven a serious table can be play as it involves bringing beautiful glass and china and silver out of hiding.

IMG_1975What is wonderful about creating a centerpiece is that it can be used again and again as inspiration for tables.  Simple changes can create an entirely different look, so play and see where it leads!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

11 thoughts on “A Time to Play

  1. I love the Santa’s!!! Each setting was so festive and creative

  2. Your tables are always beautifully set and show such thought, Linda. I love how you use ordinary things to make treasures out of them. You are an inspiration to me!

  3. Linda, you are a master of creativity using color and texture! I always look forward to one of your tablescapes, you think outside of the box!

    1. You have given the ultimate compliment. Thank you.

  4. One constant that I see is color and creativity in all your table settings. Anyone that sits down for a meal at your table will be in for a good time.

    1. It would be great to have you sitting at the table again!

      1. That would be fun, wouldn’t it. 😀

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