Island Stories

Vinalhaven is another of Maine’s islands with a year round population and an interesting history. At one time it was known for quarries where granite was cut for use in buildings in New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. among other places.

DSC00085Today the quarries are abandoned though there remains evidence of their existence.

DSC00138Quarry men are of the past and now most of the residents depend on lobstering for a living and, to a lesser degree, tourism.

DSC00080 (1)Well known folks have lived on the island.  Until his recent passing, Robert Indiana maintained a studio on Vinalhaven and it was a favorite place for  Margaret Wise Brown. If the name isn’t familiar, her children’s books likely are. Particularly notable is Goodnight Moon still popular all over the world.

DSC00150She had two cottages on Vinalhaven, one she named The Only because it was the only one on that side of the island.

DSC00077Close to it she built another small quirky cottage with no electricity or running water and it became a favorite retreat.

DSC00067Inside are reminders of her presence. In the kitchen are cookbooks from another era.

DSC00068In the  simply furnished main room are nooks close to the fireplace where she would warm an evening brandy.

DSC00070There are shelves lined with children’s books, of course including some of hers.

DSC00118Margaret loved fairies and on the property is a flat area she called the fairy ballroom and a water filled quarry which is the fairy pool.

DSC00096How she must have loved the views from atop a defunct quarry.  They are some of the most stunning views of Penobscot Bay I have ever seen.

DSC00073The islands in the distance, bisected by the ferry that runs from Rockland, are breathtaking making it very easy to see why Margaret Wise Brown was enchanted with the island.

DSC00153It is here she rests. She died when only 42 suffering an embolism after a relatively minor surgery. One day she will be joined here by the man to whom she was engaged and to whom she left this beautiful place.  I believe she would be happy to know that three generations continue to enjoy her special place and share it with friends.

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11 thoughts on “Island Stories

  1. Lulu, wow! We own a copy of “Goodnight Moon” and I have to confess I never thought about who the author was, or where she came from.

  2. What a lovely story. Sounds like an interesting woman and an interesting place. Thank you

  3. I went to Vinalhaven a number of times as a child. Wish I had known about her cottages there!

  4. Such a moving story, Linda. I am so glad you did this post. I will share with my DIL that collected children’s books even before she had children.

  5. I love Goodnight Moon, and have read it to my granddaughters many times. I also gave the book to my friend Pam@Everyday Living’s granddaughter, Ella Mae. Yet I never knew anything about the author. I so enjoyed this, Linda.

  6. What beautiful pictures of a place I’d love to visit. We’ve been to Maine several times, but never to Vinalhaven. And you’ve shown us some of the places we might not even see if we did go there. Thanks!!!

  7. What a special place indeed, so sad she died so young. Her Goodnight Moon is a classic long loved.

  8. Thank you for sharing this beautiful island. What a coincidence, I read “Good Night Moon” to my little granddaughter yesterday. It is one of her favorite books!

  9. What a neat story and island! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love this post, thank you for sharing the story.

  11. What a treasure she left to all! Such a lovely post 🙂

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