“Growing up here, there was never more than a day or two of weather like this.”  

foggy daySo spoke my neighbor commenting on the run of less than perfect days experienced in the last month.  Like so many other places on the planet, midcoast Maine has had unusual heat that combined with fog and humidity have made for some pretty uncomfortable days.  Here we suffer through  because most homes have no air conditioning.  For me, that means spending more time than usual at the grocery or TJ Maxx where it is cooler.

The uncommon heat also means spending less time in the kitchen.  Not only does the heat take away appetite, using the cooktop or oven adds to the discomfort so whatever is easy to fix with minimal cooking is the answer.

Breakfast and lunch are easy. Cereal or a blueberry muffin heated quickly in the microwave suffices in the morning.  

A midday sandwich, especially one made with lobster, is more than satisfactory.  

healthy foodDinner is a bit more challenging, but I’ve gotten pretty creative with salads.  This time of year corn and tomatoes are at their best and layering them with cucumbers, red onion, olives, feta cheese and basil makes for a delightful and refreshing meal.

food photography

Sometimes it’s tomatoes stacked with mozzarella on top of lettuce flavored with diced pancetta and sprinkled with balsamic dressing that is dinner.

A favorite again takes advantage of the season’s bounty and adds grilled lobster.  There are never  complaints about anything made with lobster!

So, though we may not be enjoying the weather we can still celebrate food made with plenty from land and sea.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

31 thoughts on “Challenged!

  1. I’m watching the morning news and just saw a shot of a town in Maine. Thought of you as I always do when I see anything about Maine. Sorry the weather hasn’t been cooperating this year. It has been brutal here, too, but at least you have LOBSTER to ease the pain! I can’t imagine getting through this heat without air conditioning. While it’s cool out the last couple of days (highs in the 70s…in mid-August!!!), the sweltering heat returns for the weekend with heat indices around 100…again.😬 I will be PARKED ON TOP OF a cooling vent until it breaks!!!💨 I hope our cool air is moving your direction! Eat a lobster sandwich for me!!!

    1. The heat has finally broken and it’s back to normal…..thank goodness! I’ll happily have a lobster roll for you. I may even take the lobster out of the bread in keeping with your workout/diet discipline!

  2. You certainly adapt very well with the wonderful summer meals. They look so delicious and you always have a most beautiful presentation! We have had lots of rain this summer….we usually have had to hand water the plants/grass on the off days of watering with our sprinklers…but we truly have rarely used our sprinkler system…Enjoy your summer days in that most beautiful state…magnificent Maine.

  3. Linda, you ought to have your own DESIGN and COOKING show. I love watching how your tables are set and the meals that land on those plates. You’re a skilled master of such things!

  4. You’ve done well with fresh and inviting meals. Yum. We are under the weather here with heat and smoke. Looking forward to clear skies again. Happy day to you!

    1. Finally, a beautiful so I might even be inspired to cook!

  5. Each dish is beautifully presented and looks delicious – especially the tomato salad (?tomatoes from Beth’s?)

    1. I’m sure you understand how difficult it has been to spend time in the kitchen. It’s a good thing we like salads.

  6. frenchgardenhouse August 18, 2018 — 12:20 pm

    Linda, your meals look delicious! Like you, here in the coastal area of Southern California, we don’t have air conditioning, since we’ve never needed it before, but this summer’s heat and humidity have been brutal. That is not at all our normal, it’s been bad enough so that not only have I had to join you at TJMaxx {although at my local one!} we have bought a one room air-conditioning unit for now, for our bedroom. I am anxiously awaiting fall! xoxo Lidy

    1. We, too, bought an AC unit for our bedroom as the one time the heat and humidity got us was when we were trying to sleep.

  7. Linda, the food looks absolutely amazing! It has been hot and humid here, but that is pretty normal in our area!

    1. I am quite used to heat and humidity but not without AC!

  8. Wonderful summer food ideas!

    1. Thanks. We enjoy fresh produce this time of year so salads haven’t been a bad choice for dinner.

  9. Your Maine food makes up for all the bad weather. We’ll be heading up to Maine at the end of September, or so that is the plan.

    1. Days like this one almost make you forget the last month! Where in Maine will you visit?

      1. We lived in the freeport / cumberland fireside area and usually go back home for a few days day. Looking forward to a fresh fish sandwich and some clam chowder. Oh did I mention a lobster roll!

  10. Both foods and pictures are appealing to eyes!

    1. Thank you. Food is so hard to make look as good as it is with a photo. I’m working on it!

  11. Any leftovers?
    I didn’t think so.

  12. Scrumptious looking salads! My favorite way to eat in summer.

    1. Thank you. It’s a good thing salads are as good as they are simple.

  13. Your food pics are amazing

    1. Thank you. I’m working on improving my skills when it comes to shooting food.

      1. well I love the uniqueness – and custom touches – like the cloth with berries on it – and the folds in it – and the lobster napkin…
        keep doing what you are doing

      2. Thank you very much for your positive reenforcement

  14. entertainingwomen August 16, 2018 — 1:46 pm

    If you could kindly set another place for dinner, I’m on my way for the last salad with the lobster and corn. To heck with the weather, I have my priorities straight! CherryKay

    1. I would absolutely love to have you. I’m envisioning you playing with all my table stuff and creating some pretty wonderful tables!

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