From Field to Table

IMG_1676Though I walk for exercise, my eyes are always open for what is blooming in fields adjacent to the path.  There’s Queen Ann’s lace, goldenrod, interesting grasses, cattails, lupine pods and things I can’t even name.  Often I come home with a handful that combined become part of lovely arrangements for the table.

IMG_1677My favorite way to arrange flowers is to put them in a variety of vessels.  It is simple and the containers can be placed randomly to create an easy centerpiece.

IMG_1678The cloth that is background for the flowers is folded on the diagonal leaving part of the table bare. When it’s time to eat, a couple of placemats fill and protect the bare space as well as reflect the quiet background of the cloth.

IMG_1681Playing off the cranberry color of the small vases and the flowers in the textile, these dishes are perfect.  They are  long discontinued from the 40’s and 50’s and were a purchase from an antique show some years ago.

IMG_1687Their appeal is not only the color but the unusual shape.

IMG_1682Adding the thumbprint glasses continues the color scheme and finishes the table.

IMG_1683Tonight the family will gather around what we call the big house meaning it’s a step up from the breakfast room.  Having teenage girls get involved in the table preparation is a great way for them to recognize that setting an attractive table can be very uncomplicated.  Sometimes a pretty table is also a gentle reminder to use good table manners!

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Tablescape Thursday

5 thoughts on “From Field to Table

  1. Linda, I love this setting. The wildflowers,tablecloth, and those amazing dishes with the help of granddaughters is perfect!

  2. entertainingwomen August 9, 2018 — 10:08 pm

    Okay, now I’m smiling. The vintage cranberry glass, the gorgeous wildflowers, that amazing tablecloth…what’s not to like!? Beatrice Emaline was here last week. She left a vignette that she created for me. It included a doll size rattan love seat, a small angel from a child’s nativity, and two of the plates from her basket that we keep for her to set her own little table when at our house. I’m hosting a luncheon tomorrow. I’m leaving her design where it sits. She inspires me with her growing love of gracious entertaining. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  3. Woww!! Looks so beautiful…

  4. Teresa S. Fowler August 9, 2018 — 12:04 pm

    I so agree that a well set table inspires good table manners. It also will be remembered by the girls when they are setting their own tables, and serve as an inspiration to them in the future. They will remember how much fun dinners with you are.

  5. Really enjoyed this as I do all of them…….thanks…….glad to hear that your grand daughters are there!

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