Friends who know I enjoy table setting have asked me why.  There are several answers, but the one that comes to mind first is that it is opportunity to be creative.  It took me a long time to recognize that, and once I did it opened the door to a new way of seeing.  The story of how I began to view setting the table as creative is another story which would take some time to tell.

flowers/tablescapeSo, how does one make table setting a creative process?  For me, it begins with there always being something on the table from which to draw inspiration.  Does that say something about my not liking bare surfaces? Here, it was nothing more than flowers arranged simply on a runner.

Now, I have to confess to being a dishaholic.  The beauty  is that it creates a variety of options when it comes to selecting.  With the colors of the flowers and the runner as influences, I picked these dishes for our evening meal, but the selection could just as easily have been a solid color that works well with a variety of accents.  By the way, places like TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Goodwill are great resources for items that are both inexpensive and add flair to your table.

You will notice that the table is prepared for two, the hubby and me.  Whether it’s the two or us or company coming, the table will add to the experience of eating. That is a gift I give to others as well as myself.  

What is really important about setting tables or anything else for that matter is allowing yourself to acknowledge that you are creative!  From there, how you begin to see and think becomes second nature.

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Tablescape Thursday



16 thoughts on “The Why of Table Setting

  1. Beautiful, i always love the bright colors of your choices. Very inspiring, maybe i will start making an effort when it is just me and my sweetie!

  2. Up until I retired a year ago, I worked for an Event Rental Company – we did everything from big top tents to linens and china for small gatherings. One of the things I enjoyed was what we called “tablescapes” which is setting the mood through table settings.

  3. Linda, this is beautiful. I too am a “dishaholic, although I never had this name for it. In these days of eating on the run for so many people, the graciousness of sitting at a lovely table, regardless of the food, is nurturing in more ways than the food.

  4. I am REALLY late seeing this post, but I’m glad I finally did. You’re right…there’s that creative ache that has to be quelled, and the art of tablescaping seems to do the trick. Simple or elaborate, the point is that the itch gets scratched!

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