IMG_1557Roughly 11 miles from home down a curvy road leading to the woods where the only sounds are bird songs is a special place.

IMG_8977Arriving at this little cottage slows my heart and calms my spirit.

IMG_1555I love walking beneath the arbor where the sweet smell of roses perfumes the air.

IMG_1556All around is a profusion of colorful blooms that last until leaves fall and there is a hint of frost.

IMG_1558They are tended by the same loving hands that know all the secrets of my body.


Carrying outside images in my head, I enter the cottage, take the stairs to the second level and nestle on the massage table beneath a light cover. I close my eyes and a peacefulness washes over me as I await the touch of those hands.

As they begin their work relieving the tightness and tension of muscle and joints, my mind stills.

I breathe. I sometimes cry softly when I remember my brother or a friend or wonder how to resolve a troubling brokenness that from time to time occurs in the family.  The hands stroke my hair with understanding.

Two hours fly by and when they are over I am renewed and so appreciative of those tender loving hands that exist in this very special place.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

15 thoughts on “A Special Place

  1. Linda, can you share the name of this special place? We would love to go there when we are in Maine. Your pictures are so pretty!

    Dawn Rigby

    1. It does not have a name. It’s where a single practitioner does her magic. Touch base when you are in Maine, and I’ll give you a phone number.

  2. I so relate to your experience with your massage person. I drive all the way to Fort Worth to visit a very special lady who has the gift of giving me relief from ‘aging symptoms’. She gives more than just physical calm……she helps bring me peace mentally as well. I usually make 2 appointments while I am there and relish the visits.

  3. I want to go there for a massage, Linda. Just looking at it is a soundless peacefulness. Is there more than one therapist? Tell me more…

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