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First Things First

Changing houses takes a little time to settle in, but there is one thing that has priority, and I don’t mean unpacking suitcases or going to the grocery.  I mean getting the porch ready for the hours we spend there.

IMG_0592The porch is where we often start our day enjoying morning coffee

lobster boats/Rockport Harborand watching the lobster boats heading out for or returning from the day’s work.

It is where we relax with a book,

observe the birds that come to the feeder

enjoy time with friends and family

IMG_1523and have afternoon tini time.

IMG_1359Once the furniture is in place, the next step is to go to the nursery to replenish the potted plants that did not make it through the winter.

IMG_1364Now all is done and that means I can sit and rock. 

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

35 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Such an enviable facility – the American porch. So few houses in the UK have them unless they are older houses on the coast. But then we don’t usually have much of a summer, and builders doubtless see them as a waste of expensive space given our high land/property prices. It’s a shame. As you show us here – they’re all about the quality of life.

  2. I can tell you from experience – the warmth and beauty from that porch enriches the soul. While nature surely set the stage, Linda is not without culpability.

  3. Now that’s what I call having your priorities in the right place! Said as I’m spending my 3rd hour in my favorite comfy chair on the back porch. Happy Saturday! CherryKay

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