A Look Around

For the next few months, the hubby and I have left Houston behind for Rockport, Maine. The two places are oh so different with a major difference being the plant life.

rhododendrons/flowersArriving in Maine, the first thing I do is walk around the yard where so many varieties of  blooming plants color the landscape. This year we missed the azaleas but were in time for the rhodendrons to be in full splendor.

lilacs/flowersAlongside them, the sweet smell of lilacs fills the air.

IMG_1365I was pleased to see the viburnum blooming more profusely than in recent years, but they also remind me how important it is to keep them trimmed or they can crowd out everything else.

peonyPeonies are staked thanks to advanced help and are filled with tight little buds that won’t pop for another week or two.  Just the thought of those beauties makes my heart race.

flowers/bachelor buttonTo my surprise, bachelor buttons had sprung up among the ferns.

flowersBeautiful alliums are hanging in there, but it will be only a matter of days before they are done and ready to dry for fall arrangements.

IMG_1355It is too late in the day to do more than look around, but that’s time enough to plan what needs to happen next.  And, with all this beauty, it’s impossible to resist cutting a few blooms to take inside where they add color and joy.  It doesn’t take much to make me feel right at home.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


15 thoughts on “A Look Around

  1. It must be so wonderful to have such a gorgeous thriving garden in the summer….enjoy your pretties Linda…Have a great weekend!

    1. So many things that give such pleasure.

  2. My Way Home Life July 2, 2018 — 3:05 pm

    Sounds like your arrival was perfectly timed with your garden’s blooms. I spent many summers Down East and your photos brought back memories!

  3. Teresa S. Fowler July 2, 2018 — 10:26 am

    Love the flowers in your yard. We just arrived yesterday. Our little garden wintered well. We are happy to be back. Will see you soon!

  4. Sounds like our blooms are well ahead and spent already while yours are just beginning. Glad you have enough to cut and bring inside to enjoy.

    1. I noticed in Seattle and Alaska that blooms were spent and was very surprised. Funny how different areas are.

  5. Linda, what stunning blooms, I enjoyed the stroll. It is extremely hot and humid, which is normal for summer down south! Happy 4th!

    1. Maine weather is not always perfect,but it’s ma relief from Houston’# summer heat.

  6. What a beautiful garden!
    Thank you so much for the tour!

  7. Such bliss in your Maine garden. Your flower stroll was so enjoyable. I am sure the temperature was pleasant also.
    HIgh nineties and very humid here.
    Enjoy the “4th”.

    1. Even our warm days are not unbearable, that is as long as the temperature stays below 90. We have a couple of those days and we sit around like slugs with no AC.

  8. It’s no wonder peonies were my Mom’s favorite flower. I always look forward to their arrival
    at my local florist in Houston since they won’t grow here. I love to buy them as buds and let them open so I can enjoy their wonderful fragrance in the house! So glad they are prolific in your beautiful Maine Garden.

    1. Bonnie would love to see what’s blooming in my yard right now. I just wish the blooms would stay around a little longer.

  9. Oh WOW!!!! eye candy!!!
    You two have been traveling ALL around!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. What was the name of the travel company that booked your trip to Alaska? I would love to take that smaller more in-depth look. (just looked up the spelling of in-depth and learned about the 2 forms of it!! LOL I have used it in conversation but not that much in writing!!

    1. We used Alaskan Dream Cruises 🚢 and were very pleased. Be warned a small boat is not a luxury liner but comfortable with good food and great staff.

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