To Market, To Market

Most travel from Alaska goes through Seattle.  It’s been some years since we visited, so it seemed a good idea to spend a little time there.

One thing that has not changed is the Pike Place Market.  

Throngs of people crowd the area, many there out of curiosity and some actually trying to shop.

Now, I’ve been to farmers markets in many different places, but the Seattle market may be among the most interesting.  Fresh seafood is a specialty, and its fishy smell permeates the market.

There are foodstuffs of every kind from baked goods to pasta

and sweet smelling fruits and vegetables. 

There is a section for arts and crafts, and if all the wandering makes you hungry there are a number of restaurants and food vendors inside the market.

No where have I ever seen so many flowers.  It was hard to pick favorites with such an abundance of choices.

Selecting was made easier by the women behind the flowers who combined beautiful blooms into works of art.  From what I observed, many folks had a hard time resisting their creations.

Being surrounded by so much temptation, it was impossible not to indulge in a few things which made for a most enjoyable tini time on our hotel’s rooftop sitting area.  

From there we could take in all the action below us, watch the ferris wheel go round and round and take in the comings and going of cargo ships and huge cruise liners.  Somehow I enjoyed that as much as being surrounded by mass humanity.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


21 thoughts on “To Market, To Market

  1. lulu,
    Brilliant photos, excellent post, I felt like I was there.

  2. Oh my gosh I love markets! The fresher the better! Thank you for sharing! I just posted our most beautiful food creations!

  3. This was so nostalgic for me – used to go to the Pike Place Mkt with my dad as a child, many years ago – grew up in Seattle! Thanks for posting!

  4. I have never visited Seattle and much enjoyed your beautiful photos!

    1. There’s a lot to take in in Seattle.

  5. That looks like an upscale market, Linda! I would love to be there looking at the different kinds of foods and flowers that part of the world has to offer. Travel-away my friend. I love going with you through your words and pictures.

  6. Linda, I love the market! The flowers were amazing. You might have stayed in the same hotel that we did a couple of years ago? It had a rooftop that was perfect viewing. I would have to look up the name.

    1. We were at Inn on the Market which was very conveniently located.

      1. Yes that is the one where we stayed.

  7. The market looks like a very interesting place to visit but I certainly was surprised by the prices…especially the salmon.

    1. As a foodie, you’d get a kick out of the market.

  8. Glad you were treated to lovely views in my corner of the world. Hopefully we’ll get downtown sometime soon for a meal and stroll.

    1. We always enjoy Seattle. I thought of you and wondered how far away you were.

      1. We live about 15 miles by road from downtown Seattle, on the northeast side of Lake Washington.

  9. Love that market. One could happily lose themselves all day there. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    1. Yes, it is not a breeze through place.

  10. Your photos gave me a feeling of actually being there! How colorful!!! The flowers…too gorgeous to describe in words! I wonder how many of the women there just sort of naturally fell into the art of creating such lovely bouquets. llllllllll (It surely doesn’t come naturally to everyone!) When I saw the fish ($28 lb.???!?!?), I could almost smell it! The photos are that good!!! So many people there! I’d be freakin’ out!!! But I’m sure it’s cool, especially when you can just take a moment to step into your own world and observe something like a massive ferris wheel in the distance. I’ve never traveled to the NW area of the country, but it seems like a great place to see and feel (and smell!) lots of cool stuff!

    1. Boy, would I be happy to have access to so many flowers and they were not real expensive.

  11. No wonder Seattle is such a popular spot!

  12. I am in Seattle now, and Pike Market is fabulous, especially the flowers. Such a cool town. We met with UT engineers who live here.

    1. I’m betting Seattle has some good opportunity for UT engineers.

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