Days of Wonder IV

IMG_1252As wonderstruck as I was  being surrounded by Alaska’s natural beauty, there is more to its southeast coast.

There are mountain goats climbing high on craggy mountains, 

sea otters floating on the water, bears and moose coming out of the woods, birds of all kinds fluttering about.

There are harbor seals floating on beds of glacier ice

and sea lions soaking up the sun.

Eagles soar over the water,

their sharp eyes looking for a meal to snare.

Once I spotted an eagle’s nest and only after looking at my photos did I see a white head sticking out of the twigs.

Perhaps most exciting of all are the whales that make way to Alaska’s waters to feed.  Every time a blow was spotted, everyone on the boat ran forward or back to get a view.

More often than not all we saw was the whale’s back,

but sometimes it came out of the water, mouth open wide.

Other times its tail came up and we learned that was followed by a big splash fluke.

There is so much to tell about the wonders of Alaska, and I hope you’ve gotten some insight from what I have shared over the last several days.  One trip is not enough to take it all in, but one is better than none.  Oh, should you decide to visit, I highly recommend a small boat cruise as the smaller boats have much more flexibility than the big ships.  We chose Alaskan Dream Cruises and couldn’t have been more pleased.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


8 thoughts on “Days of Wonder IV

  1. Beautiful captures of Alaska!

    We loved it when we went! Thanks for the sweet memories.

  2. I enjoyed catching up on your posts about Alaska. We have many friends that have gone on an Alaska cruise and loved it. I can now see why.

  3. Beautiful photos and thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Beautiful photos. The first time I ever saw a bald eagle in the wild was in 2004 in Alaska. We now see them fly over our house with a nest high in a pine tree in the next pasture over.

  5. BUCKET LIST FOR SURE!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Laura Moorehead June 17, 2018 — 7:26 pm

    Amazing and beautiful!!!

  7. Lovely! You are an amazing photographer. Thanks for sharing.

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