The Wild West

Compared to Houston, West Texas is like another country.  

It is wide open spaces with rolling hills and deep canyons.

It is where animals roam free

and cactus blooms add  their own kind of beauty.  As you can see, they are for looking, not touching! 

There’s not much to do in most of West Texas, but if you like to be away from it all and experience the great outdoors, Cibolo Creek Ranch, literally in the middle of nowhere, is perfect.

The decor fits the environment, rustic with wonderful accents.

While at the ranch, it’s OK to take siestas on the inviting sleeping porch

or lounge by the pool under blue Texas sky.

Before the day gets too hot, going with a ranch hand to explore the surrounding area is a real adventure.

The ride is teeth jarring and can be a little scary as the trail gets a bit close to the edge.

It appears that the craggy landscape is best handled by mountain goats who seem nonplussed by its roughness.

Though pretty desolate now, there is evidence that the area was once occupied, likely by Indians who were tough enough to survive its challenges.

As amazing as the sights are,

it’s good to get back to the ranch for a refreshing pause.  A stay at the Cibolo Creek Ranch doesn’t make the west seem too wild.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind



10 thoughts on “The Wild West

  1. In the winter…I live near by in AZ. We love the Wild, Wild West!

  2. With Texas being such a large state, it offers diversity to everyone no matter their tastes. Love your photos…you captured the essence of West Texas.

  3. LOVE!!! That is my kind of living…well minus the heat lol

  4. entertainingwomen May 29, 2018 — 10:26 pm

    I’ve always found that West Texas towns make up for a lack of things to do by being some of the most socially minded towns I’ve ever experienced, for example , Lubbock and Midland. I love both towns because of the great people. I also love the rugged beauty of the landscapes with uninterrupted views all the way to the far horizon. And the flaming skies at sunrise and sunset…so magnificent! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics. CherryKay

    1. A very good thing about all of Texas is that it is filled with some great people. That’s why I’ve always felt at home here.

  5. Stunning photos, Linda…from your “neighbor” in New Mexico. You captured the essence of the place. Beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thank you. It’s easy to take great photos of beautiful places.

  6. Linda, my hubby would love this ranch and the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere would be perfect. The surrounding landscape is definitely interesting and suited for mountain goats! Thank for sharing this unique area!

    1. My pleasure. Maybe this is a destination for you and Butch one of these days.

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