Prague: A City of Contrasts

If you’ve heard of only one place else in Czechoslovakia it is likely to be Prague, a city of amazing contrasts.

Unlike many of the cities visited on our river cruise, Prague was not damaged during World War II meaning that the Old Town is intact.  Away from it, everything is newer, more modern indicating that Prague is a thriving 21st century city.

Though Prague is full of attractions, what I liked best was wandering the  streets paying attention to all that was going on whether it was men  restoring an aging facade,

meticulously relaying a cobbled street

or  working to attract a crowd and hoping to be rewarded with a few coins.

Markets were a great place to people watch,

 sample a few local goodies. 

and observe vendors, some of whom were busy demonstrating their skills, preparing food for jostling customers or passing the time until someone came along.

It was surprising to see a canal in Prague.  My first thought was how that resembled Venice.  The only thing missing was gondolas being managed by striped shirt gondoliers!

IMG_0946Walking miles every day means there had to be time for some refreshment, and I liked stopping in at some random place

IMG_0948and having Czech food and a Pilsner Urquell.  Talk about a pause that refreshes!

Yes, Prague has much to offer.  Architecturally, it is a jewel with its buildings representing many centuries.

IMG_0979Oh, and have I mentioned gingerbread and that Czechoslovakia is famous for it?  It comes in many forms, but when I tell you that foie gras served on thin slices of gingerbread is over the top, believe it!  I’d go back to Prague just to have it again.

So much for this journey of three plus weeks.  It’s time to go home.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

18 thoughts on “Prague: A City of Contrasts

  1. Wow😊 headed there!

    1. You will thoroughly enjoy Prague.

  2. Loved seeing your photos, they brought back lots of memories from last year when we were there.

  3. So interesting to see the architecture and the food!

    1. Yes, it was all interesting and by the time we got there the food was a real highlight.

  4. What a beautiful historic place!

    1. I loved all the contrasts.

  5. Linda, this is a wonderful post. Prague is a city I have never been to, that I do want to visit. Your photos make me want to visit this city even more.

    1. Prague is a city worth visiting. It is unlike other big cities we visited and though I preferred the smaller ones, Prague was the exception.

  6. I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoy your travel posts….I never knew that Prague did not have any damage in WWII….amazing..and love the photos depicting the daily lives of the people of Prague….and gingerbread and Foie Gras?…wow…who would have thought?!!!!

    1. The beauty of traveling is learning things you did not know.

  7. What an incredible city! I never knew Czechoslavakia was famous for gingerbread…I love the way you wandered around to get a real taste of local people. 3 weeks is a long trip! But what an amazing one!

    1. I was surprised, too, but the gingerbread was very tasty and used in unusual ways.

  8. The beauty of this place took my breath away! Thank you.

  9. Linda, another city I want to visit. I can’t imagine foie gras served on gingerbread! Beautiful photo journal of Prague! Safe travels home~

  10. What a great post! I’ve always wanted to go to Prague, it looks like a beautiful old city, and they are supposed to have amazing antiques there!! Thanks so much for taking us with you. Lidy

    1. I didn’t see antiques, but Prague is a beautiful and fascinating city.

  11. Prague is a very beautiful city. I loved their architecture. Great captures!

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