Foodie Adventure V: Spello

Spello is another of Umbria’s medieval towns, and it has won my heart.

Everywhere are colorful pots of flowers hanging on walls making Spello seem such a happy place.

Even the pets appear enchanted to be surrounded by such beauty.

Handwork is part of what defines Spello whether it be textiles

or pottery with designs unique to the area.

In addition to what we think of as typical to Italy, this artist also does some wonderful contemporary pieces. No way was I leaving Spello without making a purchase. The hard part was deciding what!

It wasn’t just textiles and pottery that were handmade. So was the clothing at this shop where we ladies went crazy. The shop owner designs what she sells and works with seamstresses and weavers to have it made. Talk about my kind of place!

I couldn’t get enough of the friendly faces and the small shops packed full of good things to eat and drink.

Putting a perfect end to the visit was a wine tasting and dinner at Enoteca Properzio where a charming father/son duo kept us Foodies entertained with their presentation about the products made by their family. With all that we bought to ship home we made the evening well worth their effort!

Yes, Spello put a charm on me, and if you are ever in Umbria be sure to take the time to ferret it out. It’s one of those very special places.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

20 thoughts on “Foodie Adventure V: Spello

  1. I can see why spells would steal your heart…I’m glad you were able to bring back a remembrance.

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  3. This looks like a wonderful trip and your photos are great….makes me want to visit Umbria…I have not been but any place I have been in Italy is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. T

    1. Thanks Teresa. I’m having quite an adventure.

  4. What a dreamy place! An artist’s paradise!

    1. You, Jenna, would have been inspired!

  5. Looks like you made the very best of your time in Spello!

  6. It’s no wonder Spello won your heart! Beautiful photos of a beautiful place!

    1. A place I want to go back and stay awhile.

  7. Italy is truly a feast for the senses! I am loving your posts, keep them coming!

  8. I love those plates, Linda. Plus the brushes that tell a story. I’ll bet you went crazy with all those beautiful things. Must plan on a visit there.

    1. I think Spello was my favorite place.

      1. I’ll have to check it out. Putting it in the Lucca folder!😎

  9. Spello charmed you,and it would have charmed me extra with son at the wine tasting!!!!!! Whoa, that dude is cute!!! Dad ain’t half bad, either! Them plus wine…priceless!!!! What a beautiful place with such wonderful shops, eateries, and scenery! The dishes in that one shop…yikes!!! That would have spelled BIG trouble for me! Of course, the clothing would have been much better for bringing back to the States, but I would’ve just had tpopay whatever the cost for those dishes to be shipped!!!

    1. Yes, the son was a cutie. There was a lot of pottery to tempt me, but I held myself to one piece that would fit into my suitcase.

  10. Loving these places and pictures you are sharing! Thank you so much….

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