Foodie Adventure V: Assisi

As many times as we’ve been to Italy, we’ve not been to Umbria so I was delighted to learn that this Foodie Adventure would include side trips to towns not too distant from Cortona.

For a number of years, the medieval city of Assisi has been high on my list of go to places, and it is now a place I’d definitely return.

I so enjoyed wandering its cobblestone streets where there is much to take in.

With all of its textures, the architecture is reminiscent of a time long past.

As you are probably aware, Assisi is best known for being the birthplace of St. Francis who is honored with a basilica and monastery bearing his name.

No photography is allowed inside where the walls and ceilings are adorned with frescoes. Many were done by Giotto whose work influenced that of many artists who followed.

Outside, I was fascinated by the colors and textures of the construction materials.

Studying these, I marveled at the skills possessed so many centuries ago when building was done without sophisticated equipment. It is doubtful that the same could be created today.

Assisi is also the birthplace of St. Clare remembered for ministering to the poor. In the cathedral bearing her name, she is interred.

From the outside, one doesn’t notice anything but the beautiful design of this window, but inside, with the light shining through, is revealed a creation of stained glass.

These are the highlights of my visit to Assisi, but with more time one could find more to explore and enjoy.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

7 thoughts on “Foodie Adventure V: Assisi

  1. Thank you for taking us along Linda!

  2. Teresa S. Fowler April 22, 2018 — 10:19 am

    I was fortunate to visit Assisi and the basilica about a week prior to the huge earthquake that damaged so many of the frescos. What a beautiful place.

    1. Most have been successfully restored. I wish I could’ve taken photos.

  3. What beautiful photos of an ancient city full of grand architecture and texture!

  4. Glad you got to learn about “slow food”
    I spent a few weeks in Orvieto back in 2003 and these pictures remind of the grand beauty of that region of Italy.
    Were you able to try the Black Truffles?

    1. Yes indeed and wine in Orvieto.

  5. Glad you had time to wonder the streets and really know the town. I was on a tour and we got to view the basilica and just a short time for lunch in the area. You have prompted me to revisit my photos. I have forgotten some things.
    You have the artists eye for photos and I enjoyed your commentary about the textures and architecture.

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