How Things Change

West UWhen we built our house 26 years ago in a style influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, our sanity was questioned.

IMG_0564Here we were in the midst of very traditional homes, many dating back to the 1930’s, and we were introducing a totally different style.

To make matters worse, during construction I was running for office. Someone who apparently objected to the look we had chosen wrote a letter to the editor questioning my abilities considering my taste in architecture!  After that there was never a time when we came by to view progress that we didn’t find curious people walking through. That was a pretty easy way to meet folks and I’ve always laughed thinking that the house provided a successful campaign outcome.  

IMG_0560Well, that was then and this is now.

IMG_0578In the last couple of years, new construction indicates a changing taste in architecture.

IMG_0561Since the 1980’s when redevelopment in this area began, decades have been defined by home styles so these may well be the look for the second decade of the 21st century. 

IMG_0576 (1)I am glad that our house no longer stands alone when it comes to architectural style. It is reassuring that it is as relevant today as it would have been had it been built in the 1930’s which was our intent.  No matter one’s taste in architecture,  an important criteria is that it withstand the test of time.

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10 thoughts on “How Things Change

  1. Trend setters! 🙂

  2. Your house is lovely. We renovated our house about seven years ago and went with a more modern style. I am really happy with how it came out. Weekends In Maine

  3. Withstanding the test of time is the gage! I love all different kinds of architecture. I love the architecture of your home!

    1. Are you surprised to see color on the outside? (:

  4. entertainingwomen April 10, 2018 — 9:25 am

    So true, but I want to know if you walked through the new houses and met some new neighbors? 😂. CherryKay

    1. Nope. Houses these days aren’t as accessible as when we built ours. Sites are all fenced off and locked.

  5. House is meant to provide dwelling as its primary purpose and everything else is secondary. What you choose is your own personal choice. Why should anyone else complain? It’s beyond me.

  6. Good for you. Daring to be different always makes a statement, and in this case, the initiative endures!

  7. Ha! Way to stick to your guns!!! Times change, tastes change, needs change. Your “sticktuitiveness” paid off in more ways than one!!!

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