India Inspired

There was never a doubt that this beautiful meticulously handwoven runner from India would be the inspiration for a tablescape and dinner for our gourmet group when it next met at our house.

The design elements in the piece are many, but the primary ones are symbolic of the images seen again and again in Rajasthan.  I still marvel at its artistry  and treasure the runner as a favorite possession.

My first thought was for the table to be as elegant as if it were in a maharajah’s palace which meant bringing out the china, crystal and silver.  Good idea but it proved to be a bit much so began the process of simplifying.

I wanted nothing to take away from the beauty of the fabric so glass candle holders and vases as a centerpiece allowed the colors and pattern to show through.

Gold chargers did survive the cut and became the backdrop for varied colored plates that not only played off the thread colors  but were more subtle and took nothing away from the beauty of the runner.

IMG_0356With napkins of gold and burgundy and etched stems with different patterns, the table was simple with touches of elegance that fit my comfort zone.

IMG_0357To this point the only thing missing was the flowers. Choosing roses was a no brainer as in India we were showered with rose petals upon arriving at every hotel.  As luck would have it, Trader Joe’s had the perfect colors, and the tea roses nestled beautifully in their globes.

IMG_0354With memories of India swimming in my head, there was never a doubt that the food would also be inspired by that adventure.  I opted for chicken tikka masala seasoned with spices gotten in Dehli, and to my delight the hubby found Kingfisher ale at Total Wines.

I have to admit that Indian food met with resistance from some of the group, but the ale was a big hit!  Hey, isn’t challenging the taste buds part of the planning for a gourmet group meal?


Tablescape Thursday


22 thoughts on “India Inspired

  1. Hey nice post… We have something similar on our blog.. please visit and state your valuable comments 😊

  2. Humanisedcolours May 15, 2018 — 5:36 am

    Creative Art ❤

    this is my blog on beautiful garhwal in uttarakhand india , do share and watch

    1. My pleasure and I look forward to more.

  4. Absolutely good to challenge those taste buds. Love the table!

  5. Simply gorgeous! So brilliant to use all the crystal glassware to let the fabric shine~

  6. Hi Lulu, Love your tablescape. It certainly shows your love for color and design.
    You asked about my colored Easter eggs. Yes, they can be used from year to year. They are fragile because their shells will break if not handled carefully.

  7. I love the runner and the colors chosen compliment it perfectly. The fresh roses make it even more inviting and I just know I would have loved that India inspired dinner. Great post! Tina

    1. Thank you, Tina. The runner is a true work of art and having seen the way the weavers work, I was totally blown away.

  8. Linda, the runner is exquisite. Your tablesetting didn’t take away from its beauty but is complementary in every detail. How I would love to sit at your table!

    1. And I would love to have you. The runner is one thing I don’t put in a drawer. Its beauty demands that it be left out.

  9. Billie M. Keirstead March 22, 2018 — 8:43 am

    Another fascinating post and this may be my favorite tablescape ever. If by chance some of these plates are Fiesta Ware Cinnabar and you want to pare down, let me know and I will buy them from you. I have a nearly complete set except for the luncheon plates, which seem to be scarce. They don’t come with the place settings and I didn’t see them for sale when I got mine. Then they discontinued the color. Unlike you I only want one color plates, except for the gorgeous peach and cream Fitz and Floyd sea life sets I could not bear to part with when we left Florida for good. They look silly up here in the NC mountains.

    Anyway, another fun way for me to start my morning reading your post. I love them and appreciate them more than you may know.



    1. I have to admit the plates are fake Fiesta Ware that I bought in a garage sale but they work on so many occasions.

  10. I love that you made that most exquisite runner be the star of the table…great idea to use the crystal pieces so that the beauty of the runner can show through….Such a most beautiful table setting Linda!!

  11. What a gorgeous table you create! 🙂

    1. entertainingwomen March 22, 2018 — 8:11 pm

      Come Christmas I want to see this as a Christmas tablescape laid over the gold hemstitched tablecloth that matches these napkins. I think hit the table with traditional greenery and a maroon red for dinnerware…and maybe amethyst goblets. I can already see it! CherryKay

      1. Sounds beautiful! 🙂

    2. When you have something so beautiful, it’s easy!!

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