Chili and Beer

During the three weeks of rodeo in Houston tastes turn to cowboy food like Bar-B-Q, smoked meats and chili.

When any of those are prepared at home, the table has to have some kind of western theme meaning it’s time to pull those straw hats off the shelf.


Mixed with a few farm animals, they make a simple centerpiece.  Livestock of all kinds is shown and sold during rodeo time and generates much of the money awarded to young FFAers who’ve worked so hard raising show quality animals.

Now I don’t have much in the way of tableware that would be used around a chuck wagon, so some creative thinking is required.  Denim chargers get the place settings started.

Polish pottery isn’t very western, but I picked the pieces most solidly blue thinking they would blend into the chargers.

I know I have some bandanas somewhere that I’d like to have used as napkins, but darned if I could find them.  Cowboys do wear some striped shirts which was reason enough to choose these.  And what better time to use the cow napkin rings?  They are one of those things I have no idea where they came from but am glad to have this day.

chicken chiliYou know, cowboys like to keep things simple and this table is just that and perfect for the chili that is cooking away in the kitchen.  It is my favorite white bean/chicken chili that would be tasty around anybody’s campfire especially with an ice cold Lone Star beer!

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Tablescape Thursday

13 thoughts on “Chili and Beer

  1. I’m hungry and that chili is calling to me. Love the Chili and Beer Rodeo table!

  2. Wow, your chili looks good! Cute and clever centerpiece!

  3. Chili with cornbread!! Le Yum!

  4. Linda, I love the photos of the hats! The chili and cornbread looks delicious!

  5. Houston’s rodeo days are in the Spring, huh? Ours in the Kansas City area are in the fall. And you better believe barbecue (what Kansas City is famous for!), chili, and beer are a BIG part of it all!!! I’m probably the only living Catholic who doesn’t care for beer, but that’s OK. What I don’t drink in beer I make up for in whiskey!😆 Great tablescape to mark the occasion, especially with the rustic cow napkin rings! The hats are a fun touch, too! I have a nice collection of cowgirl boots and hats that I wear year round. With denim and thermals in winter, cute little swingy dresses in summer!

    1. Would you believe I’ve never owned any boots!!!

  6. Those cowboy hats certainly make a great centerpiece to your table of magic, Linda. And that bean chicken chili looks like another wonderful dish especially being served on Houston Rodeo time.

  7. So cute Linda! Perfect for rodeo days! Love the wooden animals~

  8. Love your close-up hat pictures! Great texture. And a good time was had by all!

  9. Those are the cutest napkin rings!! Love the denim and white together. Yeehaw!!

    1. Thanks Blis. Those napkin rings don’t get used often, but they worked here quite well. I don’t think there’s a prize winning steer among them however.

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