It’s Time

It is not often I share personal opinions on my blog as it is safer to write about food or travel or art. The recent tragedy at Parkland High School, however, compels me to speak out because it is silence that keeps change from happening. One thing I know for sure is that these senseless killings must not continue and our voices must be heard.

Americans own more guns than people in any other country.  We’ve not had them in our house, and in these parts that may be the exception rather than the norm. Now I have no problem with regular people like you and me owning guns provided they are gotten through appropriate channels and used primarily for recreational purposes. That does not include shooting aimlessly into a crowd of people. What I do have a problem with is the seemingly easy access to high powered automatic assault rifles.  Couple that with mental illness and there is a recipe for disaster as evidenced in the mass killings that have occurred since Columbine.

Why politicians have been so slow to address these tragedies with more than a sympathetic comment or two is beyond me, but maybe, just maybe, the current response of this country’s teenagers will get their attention. This is not a time for left vs. right or Republican vs. Democrat. It is a time for every effort to be made to stop these acts of uncalled for violence that rock the country. For sure, there must be more rigid controls and background checks that make it harder for anyone to buy weapons, but that alone will not prevent another tragedy. 

In the near term, maybe we as individuals can have an impact by supporting those businesses like WalMart and Dick’s Sporting Goods that are pulling assault rifles from their inventory. We can choose to acknowledge our approval of and do business with those like Delta and United airlines, Hertz, MetLife, Wyndham and so many others who’ve withdrawn their support from the NRA. We can let our elected officials know that it’s time for them to take action.

It is time for all of us who call America home to come together to help create a safer place to work, go to school, attend concerts, walk in the park. I’d like to think that can be done without arming teachers who have no experience with guns. Am I an idealist? Yes, but I believe in the goodness of people and think that together we can help right some wrongs. Won’t you join me?

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13 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. With children in the school system this scares the HELL out of me. Unfortunately, it’s so much more than the guns that need to be addressed in my opinion. These video games the kids play are disgraceful. Even the games intended for elementary students are things being shot at, blown up, killed etc. The TV shows and the News channels we have become accustomed to with showing homicides, suicides, how they were acted out, how they were planned, how materials were purchased and so on. The media is shoving death, destruction and loss of human value down our throats. Couple that with assault weapons being so available to purchase and we have the horrible scenarios playing out right before our eyes. It’s time to take a stand and hold all of the government and elected officials accountable for the lack of action on all of these issues.

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Tina. I, too, object to all the violence we are subjected to and think it has a negative impact.

  2. It’s embarrassing to see what is happening and amazing to see our children and grandchildren stand up and say loud and clear – enough. I am with you in that I have no problem with the person who hunts for food on the table or keeps a gun in their home to protect from intruders. However, I’ve never understood why anyone except our military needs assault rifles. I applaud the various companies making a small stride forward, and I have gone on line to say so. Here’s to more people standing up and shouting over the rhetoric in DC.

  3. Hi I was surprised even Walmart said “enough”. in one way to moving up to the age 21 for buying guns , a bunch of other companies followed in their footsteps which I applaud. It also is about giving NRA too much leeway and power. They won’t bend on anything. We should include also the Supreme Court when they said business were people…that’s part of the problem..Even Facebook for not curbing all these right wing gobble gook groups about loosing the right to guns during President Obama’s term.There should be a list compiled on how the senators have voted on these guns. If they’ve not voted that’s just as bad. And the voters start knocking them off the rosters one by one.The other problem is we are not watching the trail of blood money from the NRA to these politicians. That this kid couldn’t even vote or go into a bar or rent a car but could legally buy a AR-15 is crazy! I’m glad you wrote your comments – I think everyone should do it ..the more voices out there will create change.

  4. Although I’m not a US citizen I have also been terribly upset and horrified by the shootings. A well-written post that makes excellent points.
    Have a lovely Sunday, Lulu. 🙂

    1. Too many times our hearts have been made heavy by senseless violence. Thank you for reading.

  5. Yes all these business will get my preferential support. Thank you for this post.

  6. I’m right there with you, sister. I’m a gun owner, but a responsible one. I took a class to earn my conceal and carry permit (although I never carry them out of the house these days..only back when I was a business owner who was often the only one in the building late at night or breaking down receptions at 1:00 in the mornings with the truck parked in sketchy back alleys!), and as soon as my back is completely healed will resume regular practice sessions. I, too, am concerned how the men and women in elected office seem to have lost their damn minds when it comes to common sense gun laws in this nation. Issues that one would classify as a “no brained” is apparently beyond their scope of vision. Seriously…the NRA is only that powerful because they were allowed to become so. Gun laws can make sense without infringing on 2nd Amendment rights. (This is undying allegiance to the same Constitution, by the way, that had to be repeatedly amended to provide equal rights for all human beings in the U.S.) If the Constitution can be amended to give women the vote, it can certainly stand some tweaks that address these modern times that were unforseeable to those who created it. I hope with all my heart that those children who were immediately affected in this most recent school shooting and are bravely taking up the cause of sensible gun laws (and who will become voting citizens in 1-4 years time) will remain steadfast in their quest and not allow time or setbacks to get in their way. There should not be an opportunity for us to refer to “yet another school shooting on American soil” from this day forward. And no…classroom teachers should not be routinely armed, either, especially in light of the teacher who exactly 2 weeks after the Florida massacre decided to barricade himself in a classroom and fire out the window with students out there. This is NOT a case of “fight fire with fire.” It’s a case that could, in fact, be tied directly to the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution that guarantees “We the people” the right to “domestic tranquillity” for the purpose of forming “a more perfect union”. No doubt in my mind this should include parents enjoying the comfort of sending their kids to school and children enjoying the comfort of attending school without fear of becoming, through no fault of their own, a casualty on the front line of a war zone.

    1. Alycia, you touch my heart again and again. Thank you for your beautifully worded and passionate response.

  7. paularosemaine March 1, 2018 — 6:42 pm

    I couldn’t agree more, Linda. Thanks for speaking out. (We have tickets for Houston later this month…so glad they are with Delta!)

    1. Sometimes you do the right thing without knowing it. I hope you will enjoy your time in Houston as it is a nice time of year to come.

  8. You expressed my feelings exactly, thank you.!! These teens are doing what adults should have been doing for years. Hopefully, the upcoming mid-term elections will send another strong message and sensible, common-sense gun ownership will be the norm—-too much to hope and pray for ???? I think not !!!

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