This Is Houston

For the next 3 weeks western attire will be the norm in Houston as it’s rodeo time.  I have to confess that I don’t own a single piece of western style clothing so I don’t quite fit the look.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a really big deal featuring big name entertainers and raising lots of money for scholarships awarded to young people.

I don’t know how many people go to the rodeo, but when I tell you it’s mass humanity both on the grounds and in the stadium, believe it.  This is not a great thing for one who does not like crowds!

As much as the entertainment, I totally enjoy the events.  Bronco and bull riding take a lot more courage than I could muster up.

barrelracing  Not being a gal who has ever enjoyed horseback riding, I have great admiration for these gals who showcase their skills in the barrel race.

Chuck wagon races are just plain fun and get the crowd cheering .

The calf scramble is madness with kids doing everything they can to get a calf tied down. The calves are not always real cooperative.

With the rodeo events over for the night, the lights go down and quick as a wink the stadium is transformed into an entertainment venue, this night featuring Garth Brooks, a real favorite among country and western music fans.  I have to say he is quite the entertainer feeding off the crowd energy and giving it his all.

I don’t know how late into the night things go, but as we left there was a little two steppin’ going on 

and the amusement park was still in full swing.

You know, this is Texas.  It’s just kinda surprising that it happens in Houston!

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12 thoughts on “This Is Houston

  1. Your post brought back lots of memories. Not only did we used to go to the rodeo, my brother showed a steer in the livestock show. My father also road the Salt Grass Trail on horseback that ushers in the show and rodeo each year.

    1. I wish you were here now to go with me.

  2. I love rodeos and Garth Brooks! Oh looks like you had great seats!!

  3. This looks like fun Linda!! You need to buy some cowboy boots at least!

  4. Three full weeks, that’s a good stretch. We were in Las Vegas for a Medical conference one year during a huge rodeo event. You really could tell who was who and which event they were going to. 🙂

  5. What great fun, Linda. A “pure Texan” happening.

  6. Linda, we would love to attend a really big rodeo like this! It looks like loads of fun!

  7. What fun that has to have been!!!!

  8. This all looks like great fun !!!

  9. Hope you had a great time !!

  10. How exciting. Looks like great fun!

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