Done Right!

The hubby and I so look forward to our gourmet group gatherings both in Houston and Maine.  The hosts do such a great job menu planning and presenting the evening’s gourmet delights. Our recent gathering was no exception.

It’s the season for Mardi Gras celebrations which provided inspiration for the table festooned with gold, purple and green.

Each place was set with baubles and masks creating a festive atmosphere that defined the evening.

Every detail right down to the colors of the tulips was done right.

The hostess not only made a king cake, but she dipped oreo cookies in white chocolate and embellished them with sprinkles of Mardi Gras colors.  Each one of us was lucky to take a few home.

The table was so perfect we hated to mess it up and almost opted for eating the delicious dinner featuring jambalaya in the kitchen.

As I was snapping away, one of the fellas said there should be a photo of a person admiring the table.  Do you think it possible he was hoping to be featured on a blog post?

While I was so busy taking pictures, the rest of the gang was in the kitchen scarfing down the muffuletta stuffed eggs!  By the time I got there, only one had been saved for me.  That had to be a good sign that they were very tasty.

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16 thoughts on “Done Right!

  1. Beautiful , festive table. The deviled eggs looked fabulous which means the rest of the dinner must have been outstanding.

    1. Jambalaya was perfect.

  2. What fun! Love the purple tulips!! Muffaletta stuffed eggs are the perfect app!

    1. Our gourmet gatherings are always good fun!

  3. A great dinner party for sure. The food looks fabulous as well as the table decorations. Great idea for the oreos.

    1. We all ate more than we should as everything was delish!

  4. Linda, what a fabulous party. The Oreos look delicious! It was nice they saved you an egg!

    1. I’d have been very disappointed had there not been an egg left!

  5. Done Right Indeed! Every detail is amazing….love the Oreos and glad they saved you an egg!!!….and also love your “blog star” So great to have wonderful dinners with friends!!

    1. Our gourmet group has gathered for more than 20 years and is always an evening I look forward to.

  6. Love the shot of the fella admiring the table! Too funny. Everything looked fabulous. Those stuffed eggs look real yummy!

    1. He may have been surprised to find himself right here.

  7. No kidding the table looked too pretty to ear there! “Such a muchness!” as my great-Grandmother used to say! I’ve never considered doing muffuletta-stuffed eggs. That’s a whole other kinda devil!!!

    1. I so enjoy and appreciate the effort some put into a table.

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