Winter = Comfort Food

What is it about winter that turns our thoughts to comfort food?  I guess it’s because winter means colder temperatures, inclement weather and, all too often, gray skies.  All those things make me want to stay inside which generally means spending more time in the kitchen.

For several days I craved chicken pot pie, so I finally broke down and made one.  I didn’t have the traditional ingredients so it was time to look in the pantry and refrigerator to see what might work.    On hand were a couple of chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, leeks, green beans,  mushrooms and a sheet of puff pastry.

While the chicken breasts were cooking in salted water, I chopped and readied the vegetables.  I steamed the sweet potatoes and green beans for a few minutes and sautéed the leeks and mushrooms in olive oil to soften everything up.

Once the chicken cooled enough to cut into bite sized pieces, all the ingredients were mixed together along with salt and pepper to taste and a teaspoon of herbs de provence. Now all that was left was to make a basic white sauce with a little parmesan mixed in and rolling out the puff pastry.

All done, the pot pies were ready to pop into the oven to bake until the pastry was a golden brown.Since the mixture proved to be quite generous, I thought it would be fun to make individual servings in these Polish pottery vessels.  Also, they would make it easier to serve as pot pie can be kinda messy.

They also became the starting point for an easy table setting.  

Flowers and candles were already on the table so adding denim chargers

and woodblock placemats and napkins that I got in India completed a table as comfortable as the food that would be served.  Have I ever mentioned how much I like to keep things simple?  

Oh, I should tell you the pot pies were scrumptious so the nontraditional ingredients combined in a most successful dish.  Now if I can just remember how it was done, I’ll make it again!

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17 thoughts on “Winter = Comfort Food

    1. Thanks, I have a thing for dishes!

  1. Beautiful tableware! Chicken pot pie is one of my favorites also especially when made with love. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure to share something so tasty.

  2. Beautiful pot pies and dishes! I’m so glad I’m full right now!

      1. Thanks! I try to speak truth, as well as encourage!

  3. Looks so amazing and what better to spruce up a comfort food than to place it in an elegant dish!…I am sure this pot pie was beyond delicious as all of yours are!!…I know 🙂 Have a great week Linda!

  4. LOVE the colors and the table settings! It’s funny how we make something out of nothing and then when it’s great we have no real idea how it all came together lol. Great post.

  5. Pot pies are one of my absolute favorites, and these look delicious. 🙂

  6. Linda, you amaze me with your cooking and tablescapes. You use what you have and it always turns out fabulous! Love the patterns mixed on your table and the individual pot pies in the Polish Pottery!

  7. Looks like you had been planning everything for weeks instead of a spur of the moment craving. Sounds wonderful.

  8. Yeah, baby! Definitely that time of year! I love to make chicken pot pie from scratch! I love the creativity employed here! Reminds me of that old folk story about stone soup!

  9. What a wonderful twist on chicken pot pie, and those bowls are so stunning! Love the pastry hearts, I know this had to be delicious!

  10. Sounds delicious! And a colorful feast for the eyes as well!

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