23 thoughts on “WPC:Variations

  1. Plus, clothes pins are apparently universal. Just think about the guy that invented and patented the clothes pin all those many years ago! CherryKay

  2. I watched my grandmother hang her sheets out when there was snow on the ground, (the sheets literally freeze dried) and I loved the smell after they came in the house. I used to hang clothes out when I had my first 3 kids, I really miss it, there is nothing better, no kind of soap or softener can match the fresh smell or line dried clothes. Great photos!!!
    Friday Features w/Linky

  3. Oh, Linda, I’ve been taking pictures of “hanging clothes” for years. They make such a statement, don’t they. I LOVE your pictures. They would make good paintings!

  4. I got scolded in college because I hung my laundry out one day. I strung a rope across a couple of trees. Unfortunately our dorm was right next to College Hall and the president did not think laundry flapping in the breeze was a proper image for the school. It wasn’t like I hung out my unmentionables!

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