Resisting Temptation

Forgetting that yesterday was a holiday, I headed out as usual on a Monday.  My first clue that things were different was that there were no flashing lights in school zones and traffic was lighter.  Finally, it dawned on me the reason why.  While for some Monday was a day off, retail stores were open and it seemed a good opportunity to do a little browsing.  As luck would have it, the first place that caught my attention was World Market, always a fun place to take a peek.

Greeting me upon entering was a big welcome to the Year of the Dog.  People born in this year are said to be affectionate, faithful, straightforward, courageous, smart, inspirational, loyal, honest, trustworthy and warm hearted.  That’s quite a list of admirable characteristics.

There were shelves of goodies perfect for a Chinese New Year celebration.

IMG_0153Combined with the red and white dishes, they would make a very fun table.

Speaking of tables, all I could do was imagine the ones that could be created with collections from Portugal, Morocco, Fez as I have sworn not to buy any more dishes.

IMG_0158The handcrafted Thai  pottery lends itself to a tasty meal concocted of dishes selected from a beautiful book of recipes and stories of Thailand.  That kept me looking for several minutes as the place and the food are among my favorite.

IMG_0180As its name suggests, World Market has goods from all over the globe.

IMG_0173Having recently visited Jaipur, it made me happy to see hand stitched quilts from there.  As I looked at the neat rows of stitching, I could not help but think of the women who I had seen doing this kind of work and were probably paid so little for their effort.

IMG_0174Moving on to the food section where there is such a varied selection made me hungry so it seemed a good time to finish browsing.

IMG_0177I didn’t get past the beverages though as these bottles are great for serving water once they are empty.        

IMG_0166Moving on to the checkout counter, I passed by a display of teapots and cosies that were so cute I was sorely tempted, but I just kept walking.  Resisting temptation is a continual challenge!

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9 thoughts on “Resisting Temptation

  1. Lulu,
    I know ALL about temptation: my husband gets (rightly) nervous if I “just pop into” a shop filled with kitchen wares! Forget the shoes and handbags, new baking sheets, chocolate forms and the like are the dangerous temptations in my life!
    Sadly a kitchenware shop in the centre of the Hague is closing down soon, I know of a few things I really do actually need, but will probably exit the shop with a few extra things because “it’s a closing down sale after all, I probably will have to order this (and this, and this, and this) on the internet later and think of the cost of postage!” (wink, wink).

    Probably the minute Himself heard about the closing down sale, he braced himself lol. Well, I work and earn my own money so why not? we just have a small house so where to put it is the biggest issue 🙂

    Those Portuguese dishes were veeeeery tempting Lulu… well done for just window shopping!

    1. I think the main deterrent is that I have NO more cabinet space but I still enjoy looking.

  2. What a spectacular store!! It would be very hard to resist temptation in there.

  3. I haven’t been to WM in a while, I have forgotten what a treasure trove it is!

    1. I don’t go often because I find it very hard to resist buying a little thing or two.

  4. Good job resisting temptation. I’ve managed to stay away from World Market since before Christmas. They really have a nice display for the Year of the Dog…

  5. I love to shop World Market! It is so hard to resist all of the wares from around the world. I keep forgetting to say how much I love the new blog look…it looks fabulous!

  6. Teresa S. Fowler January 16, 2018 — 7:08 pm

    So many pretty things. How could you resist?

  7. Those colorful dishes would set a beautiful table 🙂

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