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Conversation With Evan

Evan is 6 or, as he would quickly correct, 6 1/2. He is a whirling dervish, seldom still and full of himself in a most loveable way. After several hours of nonstop activity this morning I thought to have some calm we would talk about photos of birds and animals taken on various trips. I was all prepared to make this a learning experience, but the exercise took on a life of its own.

Me, “This is a blue footed booby that lives on a Galapagos island.”

“Lulu, you have boobies. Are yours blue?”

OK, next photo.

“He looks really sad.”


“No one will play with him.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“Because he is dumb.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“It makes me sad so I will be his friend.” Now that is promise of a tender heart.

Somewhat bored with the zoology lesson, Evan starts feeling my stomach. “Lulu, your stomach feels big. Do you have babies in there?’

“No, your mommy is my last baby.”

“Does she hide in there sometime?”

OK, I’m out of answers. It’s hard to stay up with a 6, er 6 1/2, year old.

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24 thoughts on “Conversation With Evan

  1. Lulu
    “does she hide in there sometimes?” ow… I laughed myself sore over this one. The boobie one too… a friend of ours has young children, “M” was about a year and a half old when one day I was sitting and I thought he was coming to cuddle up for a story. He toddled over to me, climbed on the couch, pulled my shirt out at the neck, peered intently down at my bra, then looked me directly in the eye and sternly said: “Boobies”!
    Luckily having breastfed both my two and “M” being a breastfed baby too, I correctly took this to mean that he was thirsty! I filled his bottle with water and *then” he cuddled up for a story before nap time.
    My friend laughed and said ” I hope he doesn’t do THAT with (the name of “M’s” day-care lady) !”

    DO write all of these gems down, they are the gems of childhood and easily lost.

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