Mixing It Up

Keep in mind that no table top in my house is ever going to be empty and whatever is there is going to influence what happens next.  For no reason other than it’s seldom used, this table runner was chosen as a starting point.

The colors had me stumped, but as I looked around the house several pieces of pottery seemed to cry out, “Try me”.  That sounds kind of Alice in Wonderlandish, but I could find no reason to resist.

In place I rather liked the way the colors seemed to play off each other, and it made me happy to see some of my favorite pottery grouped together..

A few evenings later friends were coming for dinner and my thinking was there was no way I could set a table around this quirky centerpiece.  Being one who does not like to undo, I challenged myself to make it work and what followed was great fun.

There was enough blue in the runner to make me think to try the Polish pottery which is the only blue in the cupboard.  I tried them at first on a square, natural placement which was kinda blah so I added the blue denim charger.

If you are familiar with this pottery, you know that no two pieces are alike.  The real surprise here was that many in this collection had colors similar to the runner.

On a roll now, I saw no reason for the stems to be the same so each place has a different one.

Mixing things up is my favorite way to create a table and each piece that was added did just that yet there is a cohesiveness to how it all comes together.

There is enough going on without making a big deal out of the napkin so it is tied simply with a piece of twine.

From this table I learned to never say never which can open the door to a special kind of creativity.  I say go for it!

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15 thoughts on “Mixing It Up

  1. Quirky and fun, Alice would have had a great time if she was invited.

  2. You were certainly on a roll! This has to be one of my favorite tables! Love that quirky/whimsical centerpiece and the place settings are truly beautiful …. Glad you listened to the Alice In Wonderlandish voice as what you picked was perfection!!!

    1. A little strange perhaps for a table, but the folks who were there got a kick out of it.

  3. I LOVE the collection of glasses. I would have such a good time at that table looking at all of them.

  4. Linda, you are the master at mixing it up! The Polish dishware plays perfectly against the runner! I love that you used your pottery. I have to ask if there was any discussion about the centerpiece?

    1. You can be sure the pieces generated considerable conversation especially the footed tea pot.

  5. I enjoy seeing your creative process. Fun!

  6. So beautiful and edgy! Your pottery pieces make me laugh. Great conversation pieces 😂

  7. What fun!

    1. I thought so, but then I’m a tad weird!

  8. Very pretty, not sure about that centerpiece though…

    1. Different but you know how I like that!

  9. You have great taste! Love your table settings!

    1. Thank you. I have great fun doing them.

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